Dragonball Evolution vs. The Last Airbender: Which is Worse?

Dragonball Evolution vs. The Last Airbender: Which is Worse?

Hey, keep in mind once we have been all tremendous indignant at Dragonball Evolution? Might you consider that was 10 years in the past? And may you consider The Last Airbender, which got here out the subsequent yr, is ALMOST 10 years previous? It seems like yesterday everybody and their mom was indignant at these films. However, with the passage of time, which anime (or anime-inspired present) adaptation can I say is worse? Let’s have a look.

And, simply to let you already know, I’m solely going to speak about these films as films and never go a lot into what makes every film a worse illustration of the TV present they’re based mostly on. I’ve solely seen some episodes of Avatar The Last Airbender and, like, just one episode of Dragon Ball Z. I’m not the best individual to speak about how these films work as variations so I’m simply going to speak about it for probably the most half from an outsider perspective, as what one of many “general audience members” would take into consideration these films. Let’s begin.

The Script

Neither film has an excellent script. From my understanding, as variations, Dragonball Evolution principally simply takes the characters’ names, a pair plot factors from the manga, and a pair references to the franchise and in any other case does its personal factor whereas The Last Airbender’s story is nearer to the story of the present however the tone is all flawed, the characters don’t act like themselves, and the issues within the story they did change made little to no sense. Truthfully even from the few episodes I’ve seen, I can inform the latter’s the case.

As a film, Dragonball Evolution’s story, although, seems like an actual story. What do I imply by that? There is exposition within the film however we truly see the plot progress, we truly see the characters make selections that result in issues within the plot occurring. This is actually low hanging fruit, I do know, however after seeing The Last Airbender, that looks like a godsend.

98% of The Last Airbender is narration telling you about issues occurring, individuals spouting exposition, and so on. We not often truly SEE issues occur on this film, except for the occasional motion scene right here and there. The Last Airbender depends an excessive amount of on exposition as an alternative of, y’know, simply displaying how the characters’ actions lead the plot to progress whereas Dragonball Evolution limits the quantity of exposition it has and truly exhibits how issues have occurred within the story, if that makes any sense.

That’s to not say Dragonball Evolution has a very good story or tells it properly. Only a take a look at it and one take a look at any episode of any Dragonball anime make it apparent that they took a really distinctive story and world and changed it with the cliche fantasy plot of “outcast kid realizes he’s part of a big fantasy world where he is everyone’s savior”. Actually, the entire film is actually, actually cliched and figuring out that none of those cliches have been within the unique manga or anime simply makes it worse.

Additionally, each films do have their justifiable share of plot holes. In Dragonball Evolution, for instance, it’s stated that Piccolo, the primary dangerous man, was imprisoned for making an attempt to destroy all the world alongside together with his sidekick, Oozaru. Subsequent time we see Piccolo, he is in a jet destroying a city. How did he escape imprisonment? The film doesn’t clarify. On the finish, the film additionally has a twist the place it seems Goku was Oozaru all this time regardless of, once more, the truth that Oozaru was imprisoned. And Goku one way or the other has no concept he was Oozaru. How did Oozaru escape? How did he disguise himself as a human child? How did he overlook he was Oozaru? Don’t anticipate any of that to make any sense.

In The Last Airbender, at one level, Zuko is on a ship that finally ends up blowing up. A number of scenes later, he’s effective and swimming underwater. How did he escape? They don’t clarify. At one other level, Zuko is mendacity on the bottom, nonetheless recovering from his wounds, and Aang simply leaves him there to die. However he doesn’t die, he’s a-okay and by some means was capable of contact his uncle to get him again on the ship. Additionally, The Hearth Nation imprisons Earthbenders, who can management rocks and dust, in a camp filled with rocks and dust. And it actually takes a speech from somewhat boy to persuade them that, yeah, perhaps they need to’ve used the rocks and dust they might management to insurgent. Why didn’t they insurgent beforehand? For both film, I might go on and on.

The Last Airbender additionally has horrible dialogue with strains like “let’s show them we believe in their beliefs as much as they believe in theirs”. Not one of the dialogue in Dragonball Evolution is that dangerous or good, it’s simply not, nicely, memorable in any respect.

Level is, each scripts are dangerous however one script is simply mediocre whereas the opposite is flat out horrible so level goes to Dragonball Evolution. What doesn’t assist is the…


You understand how Dragonball Evolution has an precise plot and a approach to inform the plot that depends on the characters truly doing issues, y’know, like most films? Nicely, it additionally has characters. They’re not good or memorable however they’re there, they do have differing personalities, they do…exist. We now have the teenager looking for his means in life, the eccentric mentor, the love curiosity whose not all she appears, the fast-talking woman out to get revenge on her father, the evil villain who needs to destroy the world, the bro-y surfer dude, these are all fairly generic, cliche characters, however my god this film at the least has CHARACTERS.

Can’t say the identical for The Last Airbender. A lot of the characters could be described as clean slates that spout exposition and nothing extra. A few of them have motivations, positive, however nothing that basically resembles a character. The solely exceptions are three of the four members of the hearth nation. Within the film (and, from what I’ve seen, the present too), Prince Zuko is bitter and indignant, Uncle Iroh is laidback and sensible, and Commander Zhao is boastful and smug. That’s about it, the opposite characters haven’t any character to talk of.

The appearing doesn’t assist. A lot of the actors in The Last Airbender are monotone and impassive. It’s not simply the youngsters, nearly all of the adults are simply as picket as the youngsters are. The solely exceptions are, once more, the three members of the Hearth Nation. Dev Patel and Aasif Mandvi chew each inch of surroundings round them whereas Shaun Toub is truly respectable.

The performances in Dragonball Evolution are usually not good however they’re extra assorted in high quality. Justin Chatwin and Jaime Chung are picket however Chow-Yun Fats and Joon Park, the actor who performs Yamcha, go on the opposite finish of the spectrum and ham it up, particularly Yun Fats, and Emmy Rossum and Randall Duk Kim are okay. James Marsters and Ernie Hudson, although, are wasted and don’t actually get a lot to do, which is particularly dangerous with Marsters, seeing as he’s the MAIN VILLAIN, but he doesn’t actually do something apart from stare whereas dangerous stuff occurs. If something his henchwoman will get extra to do.

That being stated, neither film does a great job at creating the friendships between the opposite characters. In each films, it seems like Yamcha and Bulma might’ve been reduce out of Dragonball Evolution and Sokka and Katara might’ve been minimize out of The Last Airbender and it wouldn’t have affected the plot a lot, aside from Bulma giving Goku a journey in Dragonball Evolution and Sokka and Katara by accident breaking Aang out of the ice in The Last Airbender.

The Last Airbender has a fair higher quantity of characters who really feel like they’re solely there as a result of they have been within the TV present. Appa and Momo made it into the film however they don’t get something to do. Appa is actually simply there to provide the three principal “characters” a experience from village to village and Momo? He doesn’t do something, he’s barely within the film and every time he does seem, it’s shocking as a result of it appeared like that they had left him in no matter village he was beforehand in on account of how little he seems within the film.

Again to Dragonball Evolution, I’ve an issue with Chi Chi, which is that the film implies she’s all the time recognized about all of the magical stuff happening in Goku’s life however the film by no means explains HOW. My guess is they have been saving it for the sequel however, seeing as that sequel by no means occurred, it simply makes it kinda bizarre that she acts like she’s all the time recognized about all of the magical mumbo jumbo in Goku’s life and treats it like its regular.

Additionally, I do know there’s an elephant within the room, which is that each films are responsible of whitewashing. All I’ll say on that is that it’s tousled that each films felt the necessity to forged white individuals as Asian characters. In Dragonball Evolution’s protection, three of the 5 leads are nonetheless Asian whereas the one lead actors who aren’t white in The Last Airbender are villains however it’s nonetheless tousled that, of all of the actors they needed to recast as a white man in Dragonball Evolution, it was the savior.

It’s not wanted, it’s tousled, that’s all I’m gonna say about it.

Now, if I’m going to speak about these films as variations, even just a little, I’ll say that it’s additionally tousled that they turned Goku right into a generic teen protagonist and sapped all of the character out of Aang. That’s all I’ll say about that.

That being stated, level goes to Dragonball Evolution.


Dragonball Evolution’s motion scenes…exist. They’re choreographed competently, they’re shot competently, there’s simply not a lot to them. They aren’t good, they aren’t dangerous, they only are. The solely factor dangerous about it is the ridiculous CGI wind farts that come out of the character’s arms and the CGI creatures utilized in these scenes, which I’ll get to in additional depth, however they’re horrible. In any other case the motion on this film is…ehh…

The motion in The Last Airbender is horrible, primarily on account of how badly choreographed it is. M. Night time Shyamalan feels the necessity to have the characters do these silly dances earlier than bending something. As well as, the motion is shot terribly, particularly through the earthbender revolt, the place Shyamalan spins the digital camera across the set because the motion is happening, making the motion really feel torpid (beginning at three:oo):

Doesn’t assist you possibly can see the extras within the background questioning what to do subsequent. And it doesn’t get a lot better from there.

Level goes to, uhh, Dragonball Evolution I assume?



Dragonball Evolution was made for $30 million dollars. The Last Airbender was made for $150 million dollars. You possibly can in all probability guess what film appears costlier. That doesn’t imply The Last Airbender’s visuals are good. The film seems to be costly, positive, however M. Night time Shyamalan often makes smaller, low to mid-budget films, that’s what he’s extra used to doing. And it kinda exhibits he has no expertise doing massive price range stuff as a result of, whereas the film appears costly, all these costly parts are badly used. The creatures within the film have good textures and are rendered nicely into the film as they actually appear to be they’re there however the creature designs themselves are ugly and the actors don’t do a superb job interacting with the CGI characters, as they by no means act like they’re actually there, breaking any immersion that these characters might be actual.

The similar goes with the cinematography. When the film has colours, they actually pop and stick out. There are some good colours within the film, some good makes use of of blues and oranges however the film is badly shot, there are some uncomfortable close-ups and, I level once more to the earth bending scene, the film doesn’t actually know the way to shoot motion. It additionally doesn’t know the right way to place actors inside a single shot and there are numerous scenes the place extras are simply within the background, standing behind, questioning what to do subsequent.

That being stated, the opposite manufacturing values aren’t too dangerous. The costumes do a principally good job at recreating the present in stay motion and a lot of the units are good, although the set on the very finish the place Zuko fights Katara and Princess Yue sacrifices herself is clearly a soundstage, it’s not fooling me in any respect.

In fact, one of the best factor about The Last Airbender and Dragonball Evolution is the music. Each James Newton Howard and Brian Tyler’s scores for every movie is nice, each being very catchy and having a really epic really feel to it. Too dangerous these scores couldn’t be given to extra epic films.

Additionally, Dragonball Evolution has this music over the credit, which is superior.

However Dragonball Evolution is low cost and boy oh boy does it look it. James Marsters’ make-up and the reside motion model of Goku’s costume are okay however that’s actually the one praise I may give its manufacturing values, in addition to the music. This is a film so low cost, they even PAINTED a goatee onto one of many actors.

For some cause, virtually each scene is overlit and it seems to be like hundreds of stage lights are shining on the actors 24/7.

My guess is they have been making an attempt to make the film appear to be previous kung fu films, which had an analogous look however, film, you’re the WRONG film to be paying homage to Asian tradition. I don’t assume I want to elucidate why.

Moreover, the CGI is horrible and appears like one thing out of a Disney Channel or Syfy Unique Film.

The units appear to be they got here out of an previous sci-fi present from the 60’s, particularly the canyon set on the finish of the film, and the modifying is horrible, there are actually scenes the place they’ve multiple leap minimize for no purpose.

What actually sucks, although, is that, to economize, they take DRAGON BALL and floor it in actuality. Even somebody whose not accustomed to the franchise like me can inform that franchise is purported to happen in a fantastical world however, as a result of they will’t afford to convey that fantastical world to life, they as an alternative set the film in actuality and solely embrace a couple of fantastical parts like a pair CGI creatures and Piccolo so they might get monetary savings. Doesn’t assist that, except for Piccolo, Oozaru, and the crab folks that assault them (who, right me if I’m flawed, however I don’t assume we’re even within the present), virtually not one of the fantastical characters pop up. Oolong? Don’t anticipate him to pop up.

It will be like if Guardians of the Galaxy was made for $30 million dollars and, to try this, they set it on earth and had Gamora, Drax, and Rocket be aliens that come right down to earth to inform Peter that Ronan is going to take over earth and it’s his future to save lots of everybody from Ronan. And Groot wasn’t within the film and Rocket wasn’t a raccoon however as an alternative was Peter Dinklage in spandex.

Assume that sounds ridiculous? Properly that’s like watching Dragonball Evolution is like. Say what you’ll about The Last Airbender, it a minimum of tried to convey the world of Avatar The Last Airbender to reside motion.

Neither film has good visuals however, good god, Last Airbender wins this spherical.

Verdict: From what I can inform from each exhibits, Last Airbender is not as dangerous of an adaptation as Dragonball Evolution is however, I’m sorry, as its personal factor, it is a worse film than Dragonball Evolution. Dragonball Evolution is an throughout dangerous film however it’s only a mediocre fantasy film and the worst factor about it is that it needed to cross itself off as an adaptation of a beloved manga simply to promote tickets, regardless of barely referring to the manga in query. If it had simply been its personal factor and gotten rid of any of the temporary connections to Dragonball that it did have, it wouldn’t have been nicely acquired however I don’t assume its popularity would’ve been fairly AS dangerous because it is, individuals would’ve simply shortly forgotten it.

The Last Airbender looks like what would occur if Ed Wooden was given $150 million dollars to make a film, it’s that incompetent.

On the finish of the day, as dangerous as Dragonball Evolution is, it looks like a film. The Last Airbender…doesn’t.