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Hearthstone Wild Meta Decks Tier List – Boomsday Project Update

Hearthstone Wild Meta Decks Tier List - Boomsday Project Update

The Wild format offers a singular setting the place all playing cards are playable and quite a few decks are viable, so there’ll all the time be a couple of lists and variations that could be missed. We’ve the Wild Meta Deck Tier List under with one of the best decks within the format, but in addition present a category-based mostly model that features many different decks that may be performed for those who take pleasure in a selected hero!

On the lookout for the Greatest Normal Decks? Take a look at this record: Hearthstone Meta Tier List


  • 1/17/19: Up to date for the publish-nerf Rastakhan’s Rumble meta.
  • 9/14/18: Up to date for The Boomsday Project meta.
  • 6/6/18: Up to date for the submit-nerf The Witchwood meta.
  • three/12/18: Stonekeep up to date the post-10.2 nerf patch Kobolds and Catacombs meta.

Wild Meta Deck Tier List Rankings – The Greatest Wild Decks

In case you are curious what the very best decks are proper now, right here’s an inventory of them under. This listing of deck rankings is predicated on numerous sources together with Vicious Syndicate, Metastats, and HSReplay. If you wish to see the perfect decks per class, maintain scrolling down the web page!


These are the very best decks to take to the Wild ladder proper now.


These are excellent decks however, often, have some poor matchups towards one of the best decks in Tier 1.

TIER three

These decks can fluctuate up and down relying on the meta they’re dealing with.

TIER four

These decks can discover some wins however are closely depending on the matchup and probably unreliable.

The remaining decks is probably not nicely-positioned in the intervening time, however small shifts within the meta might end in enhancements to their place.

Greatest Wild Druid Decks

The Jade mechanic is is now utterly unique to Wild. As one may anticipate, Druid makes one of the best use of the Jade gameplan. Jade Druid runs the standard assortment of Druid defensive instruments, which may stall towards quick decks because of a slew of Taunts and Armor era mechanics, reminiscent of Spreading Plague, Branching Paths, and Malfurion the Pestilent. Nonetheless, the deck is able to out-valuing sluggish decks with the potential to go infinite with Jade Goles – Jade Idol permits Jade Druid to utterly keep away from fatigue with out ever operating out of threats. The current nerf to Wild Progress and Nourish has definitely slowed the deck’s early flip ramp, however the deck just isn’t but lifeless.

As soon as a dominant drive within the Wild metagame, Aggro Druid is now a shell of its former self. The deck has gained little or no of late and, because the introduction of the Kobolds and Catacombs enlargement, has struggled to get previous giant Taunts. Worse but, the rise of Even and Odd decks have pushed Aggro Druid off the board and out of the meta. Nonetheless, the deck is able to explosive openers (that includes previous favorites like Dwelling Roots and Mark of the Lotus that may punish unsuspecting, sluggish-creating decks.

Greatest Wild Hunter Decks

As in Commonplace, Secret Hunter turned much more widespread after the discharge of Topic 9. In contrast to Commonplace, nevertheless, Wild gamers nonetheless have entry to Cloaked Huntress to dump these Secrets and techniques into play for a particularly highly effective swing resembling Mysterious Challenger. Likewise, Mad Scientist, quietly one of many strongest playing cards in Hearthstone historical past, is once more playable in Hearthstone’s everlasting format. Most significantly, the Hunter Secret package deal creates large complications for board-centric decks widespread within the format placing this deck in a great spot within the present meta.

A standard sight on the Commonplace ladder, Spell Hunter is a not fairly as prevalent within the Wild format regardless of with the ability to steal video games with Barnes into Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound. The brand new addition of Grasp’s Name makes this technique much more dependable, presenting a troublesome board state on flip 4. Even with out this early excessive roll, the deck is a strong selection for climbing. The supply of Cat Trick and Fast Shot provides the deck just a little additional burst, whereas Deathstalker Rexxar can nonetheless exhausting carry in some matchups. Like Secret Hunter, Spell Hunter can put an instantaneous halt to early board aggression giving the deck a gap for its highly effective midgame.

Initially, many Wild gamers feared the mixture of latest Mechs from Boomsday and people launched in Goblins vs. Gnomes would make the tribe oppressive within the format. In the long run, this didn’t fairly pan out, however a brand new type of aggressive Hunter did assert itself within the Wild meta. Combining Mechwarper and Galvanizer helps cheat the mana curve into highly effective burst turns with Metaltooth Leaper. Equally, sticky Mechs make it more likely to land a Magnetic minion on board, primarily giving it Cost. For finances-minded gamers particularly, Mech Hunter is a strong choice for the Wild ladder.

Greatest Wild Mage Decks

Tempo Mage is a type of Hearthstone decks that all the time appears to be related. There’s no denying the facility of the Legendary weapon Aluneth when coupled with Mage’s environment friendly burn spells. In Wild, Secret synergies are much more potent than in Commonplace, making it probably the most constant construct of Tempo Mage. Playing cards like Mad Scientist, Medivh’s Valet, and Kabal Crystal Runner make it simpler to get on board and apply minion strain. Dropping Mana Wyrm hurts the deck’s openers, nevertheless it nonetheless has even burn to complete video games.

Of the three Kabal courses, Mage could also be clinging to the underside rung of Reno decks. Nonetheless, quite a few AoE spells and the potential for a number of Reno Jacksons permit the deck to grind out aggro matchups. Even with so many anti-aggro instruments, the deck can depend on Frost Lich Jaina and Ice Block to outlast almost some other deck within the format. 

As thrilling as it’s to hurl infinite Fireballs at an opponent, Exodia Mage suffers from polarizing matchups and the inherent danger of dangerous draw order. Nonetheless, towards sure opponents, Exodia Mage is greater than able to accumulating wins on the Wild ladder. Within the Wild format, Exodia Mage leans on Emperor Thaurissan (fairly than the Quest) to scale back the price of no less than 4 out of 5 combo items earlier than getting in on the combo.

Greatest Wild Paladin Decks

Like its Dude Paladin predecessor, Odd Paladin takes benefit of the quite a few Silver Hand Recruit synergies out there within the Wild format. Whereas the Degree Up! nerf hit onerous, the deck nonetheless has loads of highly effective instruments to make it viable within the present meta. Particularly, Warhorse Coach, Quartermaster, and Fungalmancer all complement the upgraded Hero Energy fairly nicely. With a lot Dude era, it’s uncommon that Odd Paladin is missing Recruits to buff. This deck is able to overwhelming opponents with quick begins, however with so many board refills, it has sufficient maintain to use strain over the course of longer video games as nicely.

Aggro Paladin took a bit hit with the nerf to Name to Arms, however the deck continues to be a robust choice for the Wild ladder. Particularly, the deck advantages from a potent Pirate package deal that includes Ship’s Cannon to blast opponents for additional injury, particularly when pulled from Name to Arms. With the inclusion of Prince Thekal and Molten Giants, the deck comes full with some large excessive roll potential. Even with out the explosive flip three, Aggro Paladin is properly-positioned within the present meta.

An previous favourite archetype, Anyfin Paladin has seen a resurgence recently. Anyfin Paladin depends on killing off 5 important Murlocs to burst opponents for big quantities of injury. The deck advantages from the deck-thinning that Name to Arms gives on prime of lowered-value card cycle from Solemn Vigil. Ready till flip ten to combo isn’t enjoyable, however Time Out! makes this a neater capsule to swallow, shopping for additional turns to bridge to the combo. It will not be prime tier, however Anyfin Paladin can nonetheless rack up victories on the Wild ladder.

In Wild, Exodia Paladin returns to its roots with Auctionmaster Beardo to assemble the 4 horsemen on a single flip. In Rastakhan’s Rumble, the deck gained two highly effective new instruments in Banana Buffon and Time Out! The previous provides the deck low-value spells to make use of within the combo whereas Time Out! stalls for turns to arrange an important Emperor Thaurissan.

Greatest Wild Priest Decks

Able to stealing video games on flip 4 with Barnes, this controversial deck stays a prime choice within the Wild format. With further Resurrect results in Wild, the deck is able to layering threats much more effectively than Normal variants have been capable of. On the prime finish, Ragnaros the Firelord can burn down opponents shortly, even in unfavorable matchups. Regardless of almost common disdain among the many group, Massive Priest is a formidable choice for the Wild ladder.

Whereas not the oppressive archetype it as soon as was, Reno Priest nonetheless has the instruments to maintain aggressive decks in examine lengthy sufficient to burst down opponents. Granted, this takes a bit longer now that Raza the Chained not reduces Hero Powers to zero, however the potential for shock kills continues to be there for Combo Reno Clergymen. In truth, the featured construct of Reno Priest can rating an OTK with out both Raza or Anduin.

Inside Hearth Combo Priest is an previous archetype within the Wild format. The deck is centered round excessive-well being minions that may be leveraged for the Divine Spirit + Inside Hearth combo for insane quantities of injury. Like many combo decks, the deck is prone to aggressive, board-centric methods and poor attracts. The Dragon package deal may also help alleviate a few of this ache, however the deck continues to wrestle find a footing within the present meta. With the correct pilot, nevertheless, Internal Hearth Combo Priest is a drive to be reckoned with in Wild.

After making waves in Normal, APM Priest quietly turned a distinct segment deck within the Wild format, using a special mixture of playing cards to amass infinite injury (ought to your mouse-hand be fast sufficient). In Wild, the deck revolves round producing large quantities of Spell Injury by means of Velen’s Chosen to strike the opponent for big Holy Smites. This use of burn as an alternative of Stonetusk Boar makes the deck a bit simpler to pilot because of its potential to bypass Taunt minions utterly. Nonetheless, the deck presents a uniquely rewarding problem and may punish many sluggish-creating decks.

Greatest Wild Rogue Decks

Rogue’s pure Hero Energy is able to producing nice Tempo for Valeera. An upgraded Hero Energy (because of Baku the Mooneater) can swing much more Tempo for the Rogue. In Wild, the Pirate Package deal, absolutely-outfitted with Patches the Pirate, returns to its former glory on this aggressive Odd Rogue listing able to taking full benefit of a flip two Hero Energy. Moreover, Wild-exclusive Darkish Iron Skulker helps shore up Odd Rogue’s susceptibility to large board states whereas Vilespine Slayer can simply deal with the most important of threats.

Many feared the nerf to Leeching Poison can be the dying of Kingsbane Rogue. The archetype, nevertheless, refused to go utterly Vanish and as an alternative takes a brand new, extra aggressive form with the addition of Raiding Social gathering and a slew of weapon-buffing Pirates. Whereas the deck loses its longevity with out entry to therapeutic, it’s extra able to constructing an enormous weapon to chew by way of an opponent’s life complete. If the deck finds itself in a troublesome spot, Myra’s Unstable Aspect can fish for playing cards to shut the sport.

The trademark deck of well-liked Wild content material creator Dane, Huge Rogue incessantly pops up as one of the crucial-performed decks in Wild, regardless of not being extremely aggressive. The deck is, nevertheless, able to large swing turns and may churn out threats like few different decks. Massive Rogue depends closely on early Kobold Illusionists and Deathrattle synergies to tug 1/1 copies of minions out of your hand into play.

Greatest Wild Shaman Decks

Even Shaman is an archetype that popped up quickly after The Witchwood enlargement when a number of gamers reached excessive Legend ranks with numerous builds. By many accounts, it’s overtaken the metagame as the highest archetype within the Wild format. Even Shaman makes use of Genn Greymane to scale back the price of Totem era and relentlessly develop onto the board. Playing cards like Factor from Under and Sea Big have their prices decreased shortly, simply dishonest the mana curve and persevering with the board strain.

As soon as a dominant drive within the Wild metagame, Aggro Shaman has seen a resurgence of late because of Spirit of the Frog. This three-mana draw engine permits the archetype to shift in the direction of a heavy emphasis on burn spells giving it the power to burst opponents for large spikes of injury over two turns. Whereas a few of the playing cards could also be unfamiliar, the dreaded Tunnel Trogg into Totem Golem opener able to stealing video games shortly stays intact.

Whereas, because of the supply of Doppelgangster for infinite combos, the change to Saronite Chain Gang hit Normal more durable than Wild, the simplest Shudderwock construct because the nerf has been centered across the Jade mechanic. With sufficient Jade turbines and Loatheb within the Battlecry pool, Shamans can construct an enormous board and lock opponents out of casting mass removing spells.

Greatest Wild Warlock Decks

Renolock is likely one of the extra nostalgic Warlock archetypes within the Wild format. The deck appears able to turning on a dime–shifting from a removing-based mostly technique to heavy aggression from one flip to the subsequent. Higher nonetheless, the highlander nature of the deck permits it to be teched and refined for the shifting metagame. This flexibility makes Renolock really feel as if it has an opportunity towards almost any deck within the format, as long as it’s constructed accordingly.

Even after the nerf to Kabal Lackey, Cubelock is a robust choice within the Wild format. Increasingly more gamers, nevertheless, are as an alternative leaning on Voidcaller and Cranium of the Man’ari to cheat Demons into play somewhat than the now six-value gnome. Nonetheless, identical to in Commonplace, lists unchanged after the nerfs are greater than able to making their method up the Wild ladder. The deck’s explosive potential is amplified in Wild by the presence of Mal’Ganis, who gives big buffs to Demon boards along with the hero immunity.

Even Warlock, whereas not as common as in Commonplace, nonetheless has a spot within the Wild format. In Wild, on prime of the standard assortment of threats, Gul’dan regains entry to Molten Big which additional incentivizes decreasing your life complete. Likewise, Faceless Shambler provides the deck an opportunity to duplicate beefy minions on board. These further Giants give Wild Even Warlock relentless menace era that may blow out unsuspecting opponents.

Zoo Warlock stays a decrease tier choice for Warlock because of the prevalence of sluggish, controlling decks with giant Taunt minions within the format. Nonetheless, Zoo Warlock is one other archetype that all the time appears to be related to a point. In Wild, new Discard synergies from Rastakhan’s Rumble have as soon as once more refocused the deck across the mechanic. Consequently, Zoo Warlock has some explosive Tempo performs and a extra cohesive technique than its had in pas Wild iteration. Whereas not the pressure it as soon as was, it’s nonetheless an inexpensive selection of deck for the Wild ladder.

Greatest Wild Warrior Decks

Pirate Warrior has lengthy been the favourite archetype for Wild Warriors. Regardless of not gaining any new playing cards in current units, the deck continues to be some of the formidable aggro decks within the Wild format. Ship’s Cannon dramatically will increase the deck’s burst potential, pushing it approach past what was attainable when it was a Commonplace mainstay. This card, coupled with excessive-worth Warrior Weapons similar to Demise’s Chew and Cursed Blade (sure, actually) give the deck sufficient energy to get off to explosive begins and keep strain till the opponent’s hero portrait explodes.  

Just like the Normal format, Odd Warrior has develop into a dominant pressure within the Wild meta. The deck’s ridiculous armor achieve paired with relentless removing make it an aggro participant’s nightmare matchup. Odd Warrior is vulnerable to infinite injury combos not unusual within the format, in addition to decks that may forestall fatigue injury however with the appropriate string of matchups, Odd Warrior can take you far on the Wild ladder

On the other finish of the spectrum, Lifeless Man’s Hand Warrior appears to grind away at opponents earlier than profitable the sport in Fatigue with burst from Brann Bronzebeard and Coldlight Oracles. The deck is able to scoring straightforward wins towards sure matchups (notably board-centric decks with restricted card draw), however the polarizing matchups work to the archetype’s drawback, as properly. Too many widespread Wild decks can merely roll over Lifeless Man’s Hand Warrior, layering threats extra effectively than the Warrior can take away them. Nonetheless, Lifeless Man’s Hand Warrior devotees appear able to taking the deck to excessive ranks when the meta cooperates.

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