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Outlast 2 and the Use of Catholic Themes in Video Games

Outlast 2 and the Use of Catholic Themes in Video Games

Editor’s Notice: This text was initially revealed on November 1, 2017. 

The conundrum Outlast 2 and many different Catholic-based horror tales have introduced

When you’ll bear with me for a second, I’ve a private anecdote that pertains to Outlast 2.

Once I was 16, I went by way of one of the largest spiritual rites of passage for Catholics: Affirmation, the course of in which Catholics are blessed by the Holy Spirit to additional strengthen their relationship with God. However earlier than we stand in entrance of a Priest (or in my case, a Cardinal) and have our foreheads smeared with oil, there are often courses we take first. These vary from bible research, to the historical past of Catholicism, to studying about the ceremony itself. I needed to take two years of these courses earlier than the church stated I used to be able to be confirmed. I keep in mind nothing from these courses, apart from one group exercise that raised stereotypical Catholic guilt to a brand new degree.

I used to be in a big room with about 50 different individuals my age who have been simply weeks away from turning into confirmed. This was the final exercise of our retreat, and the vibe of the room pulsated with seriousness and uncertainty. A lady stood earlier than us and requested us to assist cross out three gadgets to everybody in the room: a folded purple paper, a nail, and an inventory of mortal and venial sins, totaling round fifty. This record contained the commonplace Ten Commandments and the seven lethal ones, however the relaxation have been designed to make us really feel guilt over having sexual emotions for the reverse (or similar) intercourse, guilt over dishonest on a math check, or guilt over telling a white lie. She instructed us to punch a gap by way of that pink paper for each sin we had dedicated on the listing, and then to unfold the paper once we have been accomplished.

I made round ten holes in the paper. Once I unfolded it, an image of Jesus was staring again at me. “This is what you do Jesus every time you sin,” the lady yelled after the majority of the room had unfolded their papers. The nail, the holes—all of it got here collectively. I began laughing. Everybody stared at me. It was all unnecessarily dramatic. Now, 14 years later, I perceive what they have been making an attempt to impress upon us in basic Catholic guilt trend; throughout the ceremony of Affirmation, there’s a temporary call-and-response interval in which all candidates reply in unison, “I do,” to some questions, the first being, “Do you reject Satan and all his works and all his empty promises?”

Catholics consider it may be one thing so simple as a lapse in dedication to at least one’s religion that permits the satan to take maintain of your soul. In the most excessive of instances, this results in demonic possession. However, the satan persuades you, influences you in such a means that any determination to fall into sin and finally reject God is your personal fault. It is just by way of confession, penance, and probably exorcism that an individual can discover their means again to God. That’s the major theme in Catholic-based horror—the inner wrestle between good and evil.

Outlast 2 not solely makes use of that as its foremost theme to drive the story, nevertheless it does so with out making use of demonic possession or exorcism. Guilt and the corruption of the soul are two very Catholic tropes that Outlast 2 makes use of to create its unsettling tone. It presents itself in juxtaposition—the switching again and forth between the Arizona desert and Blake’s Catholic elementary faculty, Saint Sybil—which establishes the conventional theme of the inner wrestle between good and evil, towards sin.

Warning: Main story spoilers. Learn at your personal danger.

Whereas Outlast 2 doesn’t seamlessly tie collectively the occasions in the desert to Blake’s visions of the previous, each stand on their very own to characterize the inner wrestle with evil. Blake’s visions are extra clearly Catholic-oriented than any encounter with Sullivan Knoth or his cult members, however the cult represents the affect of the satan and the perversion of God’s phrase, whereas Blake’s reminiscences may be seen as the guilt he continuously carries round with him, and probably his perception that he’s deserving of punishment as a result of of his lapsed religion.

In phrases of the cult, they’re followers of the Testomony of the New Ezekiel, which isn’t that totally different from an element of the precise E-book of Ezekiel, merely for the proven fact that they each use apocalyptic imagery. Ezekiel wrote his guide from exile, after the invasion of Nebuchadnezzar in 596, and spoke of the problem maintaining individuals from sinning and worshiping false prophets. Each sub-factions of the Testomony of the New Ezekiel in Outlast 2 are exiled, as nicely, into the desert of Arizona. Whereas each have reverse views regarding the delivery of the anti-Christ, Sullivan Knoth, his followers, and the opposing Heretics cult, are the epitome of the Second Commandment, not in contrast to the exiled peoples of Ezekiel’s time, and are pushed by homicide and lust. Their illustration is just not symbolism nor metaphor, however moderately a direct illustration of all that God warns towards in the Previous Testomony.

Sadly for Blake and his spouse, Lynn, they get caught up in the apocalyptic hysteria between the two clashing factions. For what can solely be described as mystical or divine intervention, Lynn turns into visibly pregnant mere hours into the story’s timeline. The Heretics consider Lynn’s unborn baby is the anti-Christ and will do something to guard her from the Scalled, who need to kill Lynn to stop the anti-Christ from being born. The one voice of purpose in Outlast 2 is a minor character by the identify of Ethan, who misplaced all religion in the Testomony of the New Ezekiel when Sullivan Knoth raped and impregnated his 15-year-old daughter, and ordered him to kill the child as a result of Knoth proclaimed it to be the anti-Christ. In fact, Ethan is killed to not lengthy after Blake meets him, and what symbolic probability at salvation Blake as soon as had is gone.

Lynn is absent the majority of Outlast 2, as the central battle is for the participant to seek out and save her, so this provides gamers an opportunity to get to know Blake extra intimately. Whereas the connection between the current and his previous as a toddler enrolled at Saint Sybil isn’t utterly clear, given the general theme of the recreation these scenes current Catholic guilt in a delicate but equally sinister method. The sport briefly mentions that Lynn was additionally a scholar at the similar faculty. She isn’t current in these flashback sequences, however a mutual childhood pal of theirs is: Jessica.

One necessary scene with kid-Blake and kid-Jessica infers that they’ve a childhood crush on one another. They wander the halls of their faculty alone, Blake insisting he has to get house, however Jessica convincing him to remain. Not too lengthy after, the youngsters flip a nook and run into Father Loutermilch, one of their academics. Loutermilch scolds them for being alone collectively, laying on the Catholic guilt thick and suggesting that what they have been doing—appearing like harmless youngsters, actually—was shameful in the eyes of God. He then tells Blake he’s free to go since he’s truly a superb scholar that doesn’t get into hassle, however feedback on Jessica’s reoccurring conduct issues. Jessica begs Blake to not depart her there alone with Loutermilch, however Loutermilch forces Blake to go away.

Whereas it’s solely alluded to, this scene in Outlast 2 is a direct commentary on Catholic clergymen molesting youngsters, which later escalates into scenes of Jessica hanging from a noose in one of the faculty hallways. All these scenes collectively suggest that Loutermilch raped and murdered Jessica, staging his crime to appear to be a suicide. Blake’s emotions towards this revelation are usually not precisely touched on, however the undeniable fact that he’s having these flashbacks in any respect not solely inform gamers that he blamed himself for her dying and nonetheless carries that guilt round with him, but in addition that he has lengthy suspected that Jessica didn’t commit suicide.

From a Catholic perspective, that sort of perversion inside the Church is additional disturbing. If these clergymen who ask us to reject Devil and all his works additionally succumb to the similar sins we’re advised to admit, then what type of salvation can the relaxation of us hope to have? The guilt over our personal sins typically takes priority. Blake’s guilt for not doing something to rescue Jessica is stronger than his repulsion towards Loutermilch. Sullivan Knoth, in some perverted and twisted method, feels guilt over impregnating Ethan’s daughter as a result of it was conceived via sin and as a result of he had the child killed. The Cardinal that officiated my Affirmation helped shield clergymen accused of abuse from regulation enforcement inside the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. These are all very totally different conditions, however for Blake, his guilt is on the similar magnitude of severity.

That’s the actual conundrum Outlast 2 and many different Catholic-based horror tales have introduced: the notion of sin and the guilt that follows. We might imagine we’re doing the proper factor, however as evidenced by Sullivan Knoth, his followers, and the Heretics, madness masquerades as God’s will, even for Blake. Blake misses his second shot at redemption when he fails to save lots of his spouse’s life, however by the finish of the recreation, Lynn’s being pregnant comes full-term and Blake is ready to save the child. The solar rises over the horizon, filling the desert city with serene mild and heat aid. However, as Blake walks away from the city, cradling the child in his arms, one query nonetheless lingers: is he actually holding the anti-Christ? This ending is the final Catholic lesson about the inner wrestle between good and evil. Blake gained’t ever actually know the magnitude of his sins till he’s judged by God.

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