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Power Rangers Helios – Chapter 11: From Out Of The Shadows (Part 2)

(impressed by Toei Firm’s Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters and Ressha Sentai ToQger, and Hasbro’s Power Rangers)

August three, 2024

The Rangers stood immobile, nonetheless taking within the severity of the menace Dr. Patel had simply relayed to them. “How many more rifts have opened?” Jon requested, apprehensive concerning the end result.

“The sensors have detected an additional four rifts,” Mira responded, wanting on the display to verify the outcomes. “They’re all spread far from your current location.”

“So we’ll have to split up and deal with them individually,” Jon realized. “Wonderful.”

Lord Umbron’s ceased laughing as he addressed the workforce once more. “It appears as though you are now aware of the next phase of my plan. You know what happens now, correct?”

“What have you got waiting for us this time?” Ashley bitterly requested. “More bombs?”

“Hardly. You’ve already demonstrated that your mental faculties are exceptional when separated from one another. But what of your physical strength?” He pointed to the sting of the dome together with his sword. “At each location you will find my soldiers, all eager to best you in combat, and all more than happy to wreak as much havoc as possible until you encounter them. I’d advise you to leave quickly if you wish to minimize the carnage.” Umbron then swiftly turned his blade in Jessie’s path. “Except for you, Red Ranger. You shall remain here with me.”

“Forget it!” Jessie defiantly shouted on the shadow lord. “We’re not playing by your rules.” Beneath his adamant refusal, the sensation of dread was beginning to construct as soon as extra.

“I’m afraid you have no choice,” Umbron responded. “Ignore my orders and I shall have twenty additional portals opened. Imagine how many casualties there will be by the time you’ve dealt with all of them.” Jessie didn’t reply, however behind his helmet he gritted his tooth, seething. He hated figuring out that they needed to play by this monster’s guidelines.

Davis put his hand on Jessie’s shoulder, sensing his agitation and making an attempt to calm him. “You can take him,” he stated, making an attempt to supply reassurance. “And you won’t be on your own for long. We’ll get back as soon as we can.”

“Just don’t finish things up before we’re back,” Cathy added, making an attempt to sound upbeat. “It’s no fun taking on the final boss without a full party.”

Jessie was nonetheless feeling uneasy, however the phrases of encouragement from his teammates have been bolstering his confidence. “All right. See you guys soon.” The different Rangers nodded and ran off, passing by means of the partitions of the darkish dome as soon as once more to cope with their very own crises. Aside from the civilians nonetheless paralyzed by the aura of despair, Jessie stood alone towards his enemies. He glared at Lord Umbron, placing on a courageous entrance to provide the victims of Bleaklight’s energy some sense of hope. “Well, you got me all alone like you wanted. Ready to go?” He drew each his weapons from their holsters to point out that he meant enterprise.

Umbron let loose a flat, sarcastic snort. “How bold of you. I give you credit for doing your best to resist, Red Ranger. Or do you prefer ‘Jessie?’ No matter. If you mean to intimidate me, it will not work. It’s clear that the darkness still affects you. I hear that quiver in your voice.” Jessie didn’t reply. He tried to face agency, however he was beginning to tremble a bit because the uneasy feeling continued to develop.

“Shall I end him, my Lord?” Bleaklight requested, stepping ahead.

“No,” Umbron bluntly replied, placing his arm out to halt the glass monster. “I’ve waited for this moment for quite some time. I shall have the honors of killing the Ranger.”

By now, Jessie was fed up with being handled like a pawn at midnight lord’s recreation. “Stop screwing around!” he furiously shouted. “Seriously, why are you so obsessed with me?!”

Umbron smirked, amused by this outburst. “Why am I fascinated with you, dear boy? Because your mere existence fascinates me. You still live when you should have perished in that laboratory so many months ago. Very few are able to endure the darkness and survive. It’s a trait we share, though it affected me to a much greater degree. As much as it shames me to admit it… I was once human.” The revelation was shocking, however Jessie confirmed no response aside from a momentary look of confusion that was hidden by his helmet. He was rather more targeted on preventing off the sense of dread that stored plaguing him, and apart from, for all he knew Umbron was mendacity; only a lame trick to impress him.

The shadowy tyrant reached into the internal linings of his gown together with his free hand. Jessie educated his buster on Umbron, prepared to fireside. “Calm yourself, child,” Umbron coolly demanded. “I merely wish to show you something.” He pulled out a small, darkish purple crystal, a shard from one of many many such gems that existed inside the darkish subdimension. Gripping it in his palm, the fragment started to glow, its brightness amplified by the shadows the dome was casting. The mild concentrated itself earlier than Lord Umbron as a picture appeared. It was a primitive workshop in a small stone home. Jessie noticed numerous gadgets lining the picket benches: long-necked containers made from glass and copper, ceramic crucibles and pestles, and quite a lot of differently-shaped iron instruments. Behind one bench stood a tan-skinned middle-aged man with a thick black beard, clad in a violet turban and white robes stained with splash marks. The determine was measuring out chemical compounds in a glass vessel earlier than putting it on a stand to be heated by a candle. He had a frenzied, virtually obsessive expression on his face as he labored.

Umbron narrated because the scene performed out. “Like your colleagues, I was once a man of science – a Moor scholar residing in Iberia. I devoted decades of my life to the research of the ancient alchemists, learning their secrets and applying their knowledge to my pursuits. My peers considered me a fool for studying what they considered fairy tales. But I vowed to make them regret their mockery. The ancients had brilliant ideas; they simply lacked the skills and resources necessary to realize them. I was determined to succeed where they had failed. Regretfully,” he lamented, “I did.”

The picture projected by the crystal swirled round to current a brand new imaginative and prescient, this time displaying the scholar standing on a rocky plateau as a thunderstorm raged round him. By the person’s ft was a posh clockwork mechanism. The machine had an iron rod protruding from the highest, and alongside its aspect it sprouted wires that related to an extended vertical copper tube which held skinny iron filaments in a chemical combination. “Despite what you may believe today,” Umbron resumed talking, “those of us who lived a millennium ago were not primitive, unsophisticated barbarians. We had long known about the fierce power of lightning, how if it could be harnessed it would elevate humanity to the realm of gods. I had conceived a device that would capture its energy, waiting for the night when I could test it. I could have never foreseen the disaster that was to unfold.”

The scholar, the person Lord Umbron as soon as was, gazed out into the space, watching the clouds advance because the rain and thunder intensified. The winds picked up, blowing so fiercely that they virtually blew his turban off, although he was capable of maintain on. The lack of his headgear drew his consideration again to his machine, and a glance of horror crossed his face. The container holding his answer was starting to shake within the wind. If it fell and spilled, his experiment can be ruined. The Moor shortly received on his knees and clutched the cylinder with each arms to carry it regular. The sky flashed as a bolt of lightning descended, putting the metallic rod on the machine. The electrical energy coursed by way of the system, by way of the wires and into the chemical container. Overcome with ache from the extreme shock, the scholar let loose a loud, anguished cry, but he was unable to let go. As he screamed, a mysterious deep violet aura started to encompass the system. Smoke billowed out from the machine and container, and because the present was lastly leaving the person’s physique, it exploded.

The whole lot went black as the sunshine from the crystal pale and the projected picture was terminated. Umbron positioned the crystal again in his gown, then addressed Jessie once more. “I have no idea how lengthy I used to be unconscious. However once I awoke, I used to be surrounded by nothing however darkness. There was no land beneath me, but I didn’t fall. I used to be suspended within the air by unknown forces. I wept, believing I had died and that the Lord had forged me into the abyss as punishment for my hubris. I cursed my destiny, till I noticed the sunshine coming in the direction of me. A dim mild that felt sinister, but welcoming. When it got here shut sufficient to me I might see the huge crystal. I grabbed onto it like a drowning man reaching for salvation, and my eyes have been opened.

I used to be now capable of see clearly within the void. I beheld a mess of crystals of many sizes, together with different objects I might acknowledge. Extra importantly, the crystal had imbued the information of its powers inside me. I found that I might command the supplies on this realm, reshape and reorder them as I noticed match. I set to work on developing a house for myself, utilizing the stone and metallic that had made their strategy to this mysterious place. At first, I lacked all of the assets I wanted, however over time, as extra gadgets appeared floating within the void like flotsam within the ocean. There are, I found, many passages between our worlds via which inanimate objects can cross if the barrier is weak sufficient. Dwelling organisms, as I found after many makes an attempt at escape, can’t breach the hole with no appreciable quantity of power. As I’m sure you’re properly conscious.”

Jessie shuddered, remembering the tragedy from months in the past that opened the door for his enemy. “The lab accident…”

“Precisely. As I continued to build my palace, I also sought a way to harness the power needed to return home. Eventually, after what felt like centuries, my castle was complete. But by then I no longer had a desire to go back. The repeated use of the crystals’ power had a drastic effect on my body, transforming me into a being that could no longer be considered human. Clearly the rest of my race would not accept me with this visage, which was for the best as I could no longer accept them. The crystals allowed me to peer through the veil that separated the worlds. It was initially a way to remind myself to push on with my work so that I could one day partake in the pleasures of my old life. The more I watched, however, the more I saw society deteriorate. I saw humanity indulge in brutality time and time again across the planet, squandering their knowledge for the sake of bloodshed and deviancy.” The bitterness returned to his voice.

“Eventually, I could take no more. This world was a lost cause. But it did not need to be. If I could return, I could be the guiding force necessary to put civilization back on the path to enlightenment. To do that would require an army that could spread my will and eliminate any hostile opposition. The Shades were the first of my soldiers; simple yet loyal beings forged from the darkness itself. Later, I discovered I could imbue some of the items that found their way to my domain with life, creating more powerful creatures. The energy surge from your laboratory helped provide the final piece, weakening the barrier in various locations around this city, allowing me to draw in the energy necessary to open portals from the other side. Now, everything is in place, and after so many long, torturous years of waiting, my plans shall finally come to fruition!” Umbron raised his sword upwards triumphantly, the blade crackling with power.

The story was not one Jessie had anticipated to listen to. For therefore lengthy he’d considered Umbron as nothing greater than a brutal monster trying to trigger hurt and destruction for its personal sick pleasure. Now, he was truly feeling dangerous for his enemy’s plight “Look, I’m sorry. I had no idea you’d been through all that.” There was a honest sympathy to Jessie’s phrases. “Being stuck in there for so long on your own… no wonder it messed you up. I’m sorry you had to suffer, and I can understand why you’re upset with all the bad stuff that’s been going on here. But that doesn’t give you the right to hurt others just because you think your way would be better. You wanna fix the world? Do like my friends and use that brain of yours for something that’ll help others.”

Umbron seemed on the Pink Ranger coldly, decreasing his sword again to his aspect. “We have been over this before. Human society is too far gone to be righted by any benevolent acts. I will exert my dominance over this world, and no idealistic fools such as you will stop me.”

Jessie exhaled in frustration. It was clear that making an attempt to speak issues out wouldn’t work. He was going to should struggle, and he wanted to psych himself as much as be on the prime of his recreation. He couldn’t let the darkish magic flip him into a multitude like everybody round him. “All right. Guess we have to do this the hard way. Bring it on!”

“Gladly. You will be an example for all who dare to defy me!” With a fierce howl,  Umbron bared his blade and lunged in the direction of Jessie.


Whereas Jessie squared off towards Lord Umbron, the opposite Rangers had cut up as much as deal with the a number of monsters attacking Stone Canyon. Davis drove southwest in the direction of the outskirts of the town, rushing alongside a mud street by way of the woods in the direction of a campground the place a number of monsters had been sighted. He checked his system’s GPS to find out how a lot additional he needed to go. “Two more miles until I’m at the site, Dr. Patel. Any new updates?”

“We’ve only had one additional report since the rift opened,” Mira knowledgeable him. “A witness stated he saw a monster starting fires around the campgrounds. We haven’t heard anything since then. I’m hoping that everyone was able to escape.”

“So we’re dealing with another hothead?” Davis thought again to the battle towards the range monster months in the past. He seemed by way of the windshield and noticed a number of plumes of darkish smoke beginning to rise within the distance. “Doesn’t look like it’s too bad right now. Maybe this one’s not as powerful as the last.”

“That’s promising to hear. I contacted the Department of Fire Protection to contain them before they can spread. They should be arriving soon. Until then, take extra precautions to avoid any unnecessary harm from the flames.”

“Will do.” Davis ended the dialog and elevated his velocity. Lower than a mile from the location he observed a small convoy of automobiles racing in the other way. From the few glimpses of the passengers he might get earlier than they flew by, nearly all of them appeared both frightened or anxious. They needed to have been a number of the campers fleeing from hazard.

Davis quickly reached the campsite; a mid-sized grassy clearing on the foot of the canyon that had impressed the town’s identify when it was settled again within the mid-1800’s. A number of fires have been burning across the glade, principally restricted small patches of grass or deserted tents. Davis presumed the moisture from yesterday’s storm and their distance from the forest was protecting them from spreading too quickly. With luck, he might end his job earlier than it turned an excessive amount of to deal with. To his aid, the grounds did seem absolutely evacuated as no individuals have been current; simply six Shades patrolling the world beneath the watch of Baron Corvo who have been wrecking gear the fleeing campers had left behind. Davis was capable of sneak up on the baron, who had his again to the street as he cackled over the spoil. He took a second to seize a tough stone on the bottom and grip it tightly to activate his energy.

“Hey Penguin!” Davis referred to as out, attracting Corvo’s consideration. He shortly drew his Corona Buster. “You might want to make this easy on yourself and leave now. Probably don’t want to get that fancy suit of yours messed up fighting me.”

Corvo gave Davis a scornful sneer. “Finally, I meet one of the Power Rangers who has vexed my master and I for so long. Well, peasant, if you think Baron Corvo is a coward who retreats when threatened, you are sorely mistaken. But if you wish to challenge me, you must prove yourself worth.” He rapped the butt of his cane on the bottom and loudly snapped together with his free hand. “Shades! Attack!”

The shadowy servants heeded the baron’s name and superior on Davis. The Blue Ranger tossed the rock away earlier than opening hearth, hitting a few of them. His blasts didn’t deter them as they obtained shut sufficient to start swinging their axes. They circled round Davis, making an attempt to include him so he couldn’t escape. A heavy stone punch to considered one of their chests was sufficient to interrupt the hyperlink. Davis pushed the injured Shade out of the best way and ran additional inward, the creatures scorching on his tail. He stopped close to a tent that had its provides strewn about and lifted up a broken grill, tossing it on the pursuing Shades and flattening two that have been struck by it. The others stored coming at him, forcing Davis to make use of the one different ammunition out there – an overturned cooler. He hurled it on the oncoming Shades, solely this time all of them jumped out of the best way to keep away from being hit. Certainly one of them, nevertheless, didn’t take note of the place it was going and leaped into one of many flaming patches.

Davis might solely watch dumbfounded on the weird scene that performed out subsequent. The burning Shade rose up from the hearth and commenced operating round frantically, gesturing wildly as a silent expression of misery. The trio that had been with him ignored their goal and began operating after their comrade, making an attempt to pat him down or use their axe blades as followers to place out the hearth. “What are you imbecilli doing?!” Corvo screamed in disbelief. “Forget about that fool and destroy the Ranger!” Both the Shades have been too preoccupied with their chase to pay attention or they really did have some semblance of loyalty to at least one one other, as a result of they ignored the baron’s command and stored making an attempt to extinguish their ally. Davis wasn’t going to let this chance go to waste. He snapped out of his bemusement and elevated the facility degree on his Buster. A number of photographs took down every of the distracted Shades, with the flaming one taking the least quantity of hits to destroy. Corvo slapped his brow in utter frustration.

Solely two Shades remained, they usually had managed to get the grill off of them. They switched their weapons to gun mode and began firing again. Davis swerved to keep away from the photographs earlier than diving into the tent. The Shades unleashed a volley of bullets, filling the canvas partitions with holes. Once they didn’t hear any sounds coming from inside, they crept nearer, questioning if that they had eradicated their goal. The tent abruptly sprang up, flipping over and trapping the Shades beneath it. Seeing that his plan had labored, Davis slammed into the captive Shades together with his full weight, throwing them to the bottom. As they struggled to free themselves from their wrappings, Davis blasted at them with none resistance, the tent collapsing as soon as that they had been obliterated.

Davis barely had a second to catch his breath earlier than he heard Corvo’s yell. The baron ran at him, his cane raised like a sword, and swung at him. Davis leaped again, switching his gun for his Sol Dagger. Corvo slashed once more, Davis’ blade deflecting the assault. The two exchanged blows as their weapons struck one another, neither getting in successful. “If you think I am impressed, you are sadly mistaken,” Corvo snidely remarked. “You are clever, sì, but one does not need to be that clever when their opponents are incompetent. Compared to me, you are nothing, boy.”

“‘Boy?’” Davis requested, offended. “No need to be racist. I already think you’re scum.”

“My contempt for you has nothing to do with your skin, fool, but with your status. I am of noble blood! Peasants such as you are not fit to stand in my presence without showing the respect I am deserved!”

“There’s no way anyone would respect a violent psycho like you,” Davis sternly declared as he tried to get in one other strike. Corvo countered, jabbing the Ranger within the chest with the butt of his cane, then swung it underneath Davis’ legs to journey him as he flinched.

“Fool! I have many who honor me as is befitting my status, as you shall see.” He raised his cane up into the air, a sign for an additional of his minions.

As Davis began to raise himself off the bottom, he was struck within the chest by an power blast that emerged from the woods. The depth of the assault was sufficient to carry him off the bottom and toss him a number of yards earlier than he landed on his again, moaning from each the impression and the burning sensation the blast left the place it hit. Davis picked himself as much as see his attacker rising from the timber – a ghoulish creature with a number of lenses scattered throughout its physique and what appeared like a magnifying glass embedded in its chest, the lens masking up the fitting aspect of its face.

The monster stepped in the direction of Baron Corvo. “I was wondering when you would require my assistance, Baron” he stated in a pompous British accent. “I was beginning to get bored.”

“Worry not about any further idleness, Lenzo,” Corvo replied. “Do with the Ranger as you desire.”

“Gladly.” Lenzo sounded sadistically happy with the baron’s blessing. He gazed up in the direction of the sky, then set his consideration on Davis. “What a wonderful sunny day. We never have days this nice in my realm, which is quite the shame. I hardly ever have a chance to show off my skills.” The monster shifted his place so the solar was behind him, the lens in his magnifying glass shining because the photo voltaic rays started to focus via it. “But today, I get to demonstrate my full power. And, my dear Ranger, I’m about to magnify all of your problems.” One other power beam shot out from the lens. Davis managed to dodge the blast, the beam putting the spot the place he’d simply stood and igniting the grass on hearth.

Davis realized this monster was the reason for the fires and knew he needed to destroy him shortly earlier than he might begin any extra or make the blaze unfold past the campground. He drew his Buster and began firing. Lenzo was fast to counter, elevating his arms or shifting his physique to deflect the blasts with the lenses embedded in its pores and skin. The monster laughed condescendingly. “Ha ha ha. Bad show, little boy blue. This feeble effort reflects very poorly on you. Allow me to show you how it’s properly done!” Lenzo unleashed one other beam, forcing Davis to leap apart as soon as once more.

Corvo cackled with delight as he noticed Davis scrambling about. He pulled off his prime hat and held it out in entrance of him so the within was dealing with away. “See if you can evade both of us, Ranger!” A vortex of darkish power swirled round within the hat earlier than firing outward, hitting Davis as he ran from one other of Lenzo’s blasts. The Blue Ranger shouted as he was struck, falling to the bottom.

Grunting, Davis obtained up once more, capturing at Corvo. Lenzo leaped in entrance of the baron and as soon as extra blocked the blasts. “Why not try again, Ranger?” the monster mockingly requested. “You must clearly be delusional if you think you can actually hit me!” He started laughing with self satisfaction, Corvo quickly becoming a member of in.  Davis knew he was on the ropes. He couldn’t maintain avoiding their assaults endlessly. Ultimately he’d put on himself out. Until he might discover some strategy to get round Lenzo’s defenses, he was executed for.


Ashley’s misery name had taken her to the southernmost level of the town, close to a suspension bridge that related Stone Canyon to San Francisco. She might see as she pulled shut that the monsters hadn’t wasted any time in inflicting hassle. A number of automobiles have been both overturned or badly wrecked, although fortunately nobody seemed to be trapped inside them. Her foremost concern was the bus turned onto its aspect in the midst of the bridge. It was most unlikely that anybody might have escaped from that, not with out being attacked. Ashley left her automotive and ran in the direction of the bus, listening to the cries of panicked individuals from inside.

She moved as much as the roof of the bus. “Stay calm!” she shouted so they might hear her by means of the partitions. “I’m going to get you all out of there!” She knocked on a piece of the roof, hitting it a number of occasions to ensure it was loud sufficient that they might discover. “Everyone stand clear.” She set her Corona Buster to its highest setting, took a step again, and blasted on the roof. Six photographs have been sufficient to blow a gap in it giant sufficient for the passengers to get via. Two dozen individuals fled from the bus, some thanking her as they ran previous, others too scared to cease. Ashley observed one thing odd concerning the individuals she had freed – they have been all of differing ages, races, and genders, but every of them was utterly bald. They’re attacking most cancers sufferers? she thought in disgust. That’s low. Outraged by the callous cruelty of Umbron’s forces, she hurdled over the bus to confront them. Touchdown on the opposite aspect, she noticed her enemies standing amidst extra wrecked automobiles: Madame Noir, 4 Shades, and a weird wanting monster. It appeared a humanoid hen, however its chest resembled a human face behind a cage and it wore a big golden powdered with with curls that rolled down its again and arms.

The hen monster squawked on the sight of Ashley’s earlier than addressing Noir. “Look, Madame, our guest has arrived,” it stated in a high-pitched, foppish voice.

“Indeed she has, Tanglewing,” Noir replied. “I didn’t know which of you Rangers to expect for our little party,” she spoke to Ashley with an air of blatantly false cordiality. “No matter. We had the same ‘courtesy’ in store for all of you.” She chuckled menacingly as she twirled her parasol.

“Skip the pleasantries,” Ashley flatly shot again. “I’m taking you down before you can hurt anyone else.”

“Oh!” Madame Noir gasped in a feigned offense, placing her free hand over her mouth. “How crude! Such a lack of manners cannot be tolerated.” She snapped her fingers. “Shades, dispose of her.”

On the darkish madame’s command the Shades ran for Ashley. She opened hearth on them, forcing them to scatter and use the deserted automobiles for canopy. Two popped up from behind a van and began firing, making the battle resemble a scene from an previous gangster film. Ashley leaped into the air, hovering excessive sufficient above the automobiles so she might snipe at them with ease and have sufficient room to maneuver round their photographs. A couple of well-placed blasts and the pair was gone. Turning her consideration to the opposite two, she divebombed one who was close to the railing of the bridge, knocking it into the bay under. The Shade flailed about within the ocean earlier than Ashley’s buster destroyed it as nicely.

The remaining Shade, hoping to keep away from the destiny of its comrades, hid underneath one of many playing cards that hadn’t been flipped. Ashley was unable to get a great purpose on him, so she needed to return to the bridge. As quickly as she landed, it got here out and rushed her. The Shade grabbed her round her waist, making an attempt to deal with the Yellow Ranger to the bottom. She struggled to tug him off, however his grip was tight. “Hold him steady, lad,” Tanglewing ordered because the face on its chest started to glow yellow. A slew of bird-shaped power blasts flew out from his chest, straight in the direction of Ashley. She noticed them coming with a look over her shoulder and shortly turned in order that the Shade was of their path. It took a number of hits, convulsing earlier than it was annihilated. Ashley darted backwards to keep away from the remainder of the assaults.

“Man, where’s a coat hanger when you need one?” she requested jokingly. She then stopped and winced as a miserable realization came to visit her. Ugh… that’s one thing Davis would’ve stated. Some intelligent acrobatics over the automobiles helped her dodge the remaining blasts till the monster had stopped. “Is that all you’ve got, bird brain?” she requested with a assured swagger. “Compared to the other monsters I’ve fought, you’re just lame.”

“My my, aren’t we the arrogant one?” Tanglewing requested with a pompous tone. “I do think you need to be humbled, my dear.” The monster’s hair began to glow earlier than a number of power blasts fired out from the various curls cascading over his physique.

Ashley tried to flee the trail of the beams, however was unable to keep away from all of them as one struck her aspect. She braced herself for a painful impression, but extremely she didn’t really feel something. What was that about? she questioned in confusion. The reply quickly introduced itself as she felt a tingling on her scalp. It pale away solely to get replaced by a brand new sensation, that of many wispy strands falling towards her face. No, she thought, involved by the implications. He… he didn’t… She eliminated her helmet and watched in dread as clumps of black hair poured out from the within, together with a scrunchie. Reaching as much as contact her scalp, the sensation of clean pores and skin confirmed what Ashley had dreaded – she was utterly bald.

Bald yellow ranger by pharmmajor

Paintings by HedgehogRider

The darkish creatures started laughing at her plight. “What a pity, Ranger!” Madame Noir callously jibed. “You’re as bald as a plucked chicken!” She glanced at Tanglewing. “No offense, of course.”

“None taken, milady,” Tanglewing replied as he clucked. “She truly is a damsel in dis-tress now.”

Ashley glared at her enemies as they mocked her, tooth clenched in rage. “Oh, I am gonna roast that turkey!” she yelled.

Dropping her helmet, Ashley ran in the direction of the duo, firing away. Madame Noir stepped ahead and held her parasol out in entrance of her and spinning it round. The photographs from Ashley’s Buster bounced off of the cover, leaving Noir unhurt. “Allow me to return the favor, mon chère,” she stated as power blasts shot out from the tip of the umbrella. Tanglewing quickly joined in, firing beams from his eyes. The Yellow Ranger was unable to dodge each of their assault, taking a couple of hits. Shaking off the damage, she took to the air once more, hoping to get a bonus.

Tanglewing crowed because the locks of hair operating down his again stretched out and shot up into the air, wrapping itself round Ashley and binding her arms to her sides. She grunted as she tried to interrupt free, however the bonds have been too tight. “You look to be rather aggravated, my dear,” Tanglewing stated. “Perhaps a refreshing bath would calm your nerves.” Manipulating his hair, the hen monster dunked Ashley down into the water, holding her beneath. “A few minutes under there, and you’ll never have any worries again!” he wickedly laughed. Beneath the floor, Ashley continued to wrestle, determined to free herself earlier than she ran out of air.


Jon pulled as much as the gate outdoors Marchand Park and exited his automotive. He questioned why Umbron’s forces stored returning to this location so typically. At the least he and the others had been right here sufficient that they knew the format properly. Charging up the primary path into the park he was relieved to see no frightened bystanders or injured victims round. Everybody had been capable of escape; that may make the upcoming battle slightly simpler since he wouldn’t want to fret about innocents getting caught within the crossfire. As Jon neared the middle of the park he noticed three figures standing close to the fountain. Drawing nearer he might make them out extra clearly. Basic Panzeer and Zaram have been ready for him, as was a brand new monster; a creature with a picket physique and what appeared like a rack of billiard balls attacked to its brow holding a big pool cue.

Billiard Shadow by pharmmajor

Panzeer swung his sword aggressively. “Finally, a Power Ranger arrives, eager to meet his end by my hand!” Zaram sighed and shook his head on the common’s conceited boast. Panzeer might have thought it made him look fearful and intimidating, however in Zaram’s thoughts, it simply made him appear to be an fool.

“I was hoping I’d never see your ugly faces again,” Jon retorted. He appeared over on the billiard monster. “Who’s your friend?”

“Name’s Trickshot,” the monster answered, talking with a snide tone that had a touch of a Brooklyn accent. “I’m here to rack ’em up and sink me a Ranger.” He held his cue out and mimed hanging a ball with it. Zaram put his hand over his face, feeling much more embarrassed to be part of this.

Panzeer glared at Zaram. “Something you find objectionable, soldier?”

“What? Uh, no, general, not at all,” Zaram shortly tried to recuperate from being caught. “Just, uh, just tired of standing around doing nothing is all.”

“Well then, if you desire action so much, dispose of that Ranger! Stracks!”

Murmuring wearily beneath his breath, Zaram pounced on Jon. The Silver Ranger drew his Sol Dagger to fend off the cat-like creature’s slashes. “Just so ya know,” Zaram muttered as his claws clashed towards Jon’s blade, “this is nothin’ personal. I just have to do what the general says to keep him off my back.”

“Yeah, that doesn’t really make me feel any better,” Jon replied, unmoved by his foe’s excuse. He slashed Zaram throughout the chest, making the monster recoil. Zaram snarled, sparks emanating from his claws earlier than he unleashed a burst of electrical energy. Jon took successful within the shoulder, dropping his blade from the shock.

As Jon went to retrieve his dagger, Trickshot made his transfer. A billiard ball popped out from the rack on his head, one other one materializing as an alternative. Trickshot caught the ball because it fell, taking a look at it with a depraved smirk. “And here’s the break,” he stated as he tossed it up within the air, readying his cue. He struck the ball on its means down, capturing it in the direction of Jon. When it hit him it exploded, sending him flying into the air. “Silver Ranger, side pocket!” the monster declared victoriously.

Jon was flung again into the trunk of a tree, hitting it with a loud thud. Aching throughout, he groaned as he tried to select himself up. A sudden rustling noise above him caught his consideration. Jon appeared up and noticed specks of black poking out from between the dense leaves, and a number of other shaking branches. Realizing what was overhead, Jon shortly rolled out of the best way as three Shades jumped down from the branches, their axes embedding themselves within the floor the place he as soon as lay. “Figures you’d be here as well,” he stated, irritated that his issues have been rising. Nonetheless lacking his dagger, Jon received again on his ft, drew his Corona Buster, and obtained in some photographs earlier than the Shades had pulled their axes out.

The Shades chased Jon via the timber as he led them to a clearer space the place he’d be capable of maneuver extra simply. He emerged in a grassy area far forward of them, giving him time to shoot as they continued their pursuit. The Shades shortly ducked behind the timber to keep away from the blasts, sometimes peeking out to return hearth with their weapons. Jon moved to a brand new place to get a greater angle on them when he noticed a inexperienced ball hurtling via the grove in the direction of him. He leaped out of its path because it zipped by, exploding a number of seconds later because it struck one thing behind him. Trickshot emerged from the timber, the Shades flanking him. Panzeer and Zaram quickly got here to hitch him. “You got lucky that time, Ranger,” Trickshot chided him. “But you’re just an amateur. You’re nothin’ against an ace like me.” One other ball popped from the monster’s head-rack and was propelled ahead by his cue. Jon dodged it, but the ball one way or the other modified course in midair and flew backwards, hitting Jon within the again. The explosion prompted him to lose his grip on his gun and tossed him ahead, the place he landed face-first on the bottom. “Hah! Whaddya think of my backspin, Ranger?!”

Nonetheless feeling the impression from Trickshot’s assault, Jon slowly turned his head to the aspect. He noticed his Corona Buster mendacity within the grass a number of yards away. He shortly picked himself as much as go for it, however Panzeer was quicker in intercepting him. The Basic gnashed his tooth as delivered a flurry of strikes together with his sword, every one intensifying the agony Jon was already in. The Silver Ranger had no approach to defend himself. He tried to make use of a telekinetic blast to push Panzeer again, however his efforts have been thwarted by one other shock from Zaram. Overwhelmed, Jon collapsed as soon as once more. His six enemies surrounded him in a circle, Panzeer pointing the tip of his sword down at him. “The battle is over, Ranger,” he coldly said. “This field shall be your final resting place.”


Cathy had pushed alongside a lonely stretch of street on the japanese aspect of the town for what felt like hours. This was the primary time a sign had are available from this location, presumably as a result of there was nothing a lot out right here. She questioned if Umbron’s forces have been attacking right here now as a result of it was so distant from the remainder of the group as a part of their divide and conquer plan. Going over a small hill she caught sight of a photo voltaic farm additional down the street… and observed there was some uncommon exercise across the panels. Hitting the fuel, she sped in the direction of the facility station till she might clearly see what was occurring. 5 Shades have been making their means across the photo voltaic arrays and smashing them with their axes. Some panels had additionally been coated with a wierd viscous black liquid. A minimum of there are not any civilians in peril, Cathy thought, contemplating it a small blessing. But when they hold wrecking these panels, it’ll trigger some main issues with the facility grid. She stopped her automotive and leaped out, Buster drawn. “Time to play Captain Planet,” she joked as she ran in the direction of the array.

Two Shades had simply shattered a panel and have been shifting onto one other once they took hits from Cathy’s blaster. “I’ve gotta know; do all creatures of darkness have an evil plan that involves getting rid of sunlight, or is this just a cliche you’ve brought into?” she quipped. “Going for an indirect approach here, I see. Gotta give you credit for keeping up with current trends in technology.” Incensed by her arrival, the Shades signaled their comrades to hurry her. They got here at her swinging, Cathy simply swerving to dodge every of their blows and get some photographs in. As all 5 began to gang up on her, she ran for one of many raised arrays, phasing by means of it. After passing to the opposite aspect, she crouched down and fired a number of extra photographs from the hole under the panels. Turning up the facility, she was capable of take out one which obtained too shut.

The remaining 4 Shades cut up as much as go across the array. Flanking her on each side, two switched their weapons to gun mode and began capturing. Cathy repeated her earlier tactic by passing by way of the array behind her, and as anticipated they shot one another, each fading away after getting hit by pleasant hearth. Adore it once they do this! Cathy grinned and pumped her fist ecstatically. This was going higher than she’d anticipated. Now I simply need to eliminate the final two stragglers and I can get ba-“WOOOOOAH!” her assured practice of thought was interrupted as she slipped in one thing whereas shifting backwards. She landed in a puddle of the identical black goo that she’d seen on the panels. Letting out a disgusted groan as she tried to shake the goop off her, she caught sight of one other pair of figures slowly approaching her from the left aspect of the array. Nocturna led the best way, adopted by a weird, blue-skinned creature with a face resembling a fountain pen’s nib and what appeared like a white gloved hand wrapped round his higher torso, clutching a big fountain pen that it stored mounted on its proper shoulder. The monster carried an axe a lot greater than what the Shades wielded, tapping the deal with in its left hand.

“Hello, Catherine.” Nocturna addressed the Gold Ranger together with her traditional impassive demeanor. “I didn’t know which Ranger to expect, but as soon as I heard your incessant babbling I knew who my opponent would be without even needing to look. You may address me as Nocturna.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Cathy sardonically replied as she acquired to her ft, wiping the black liquid off her outfit. “You could have at least cleaned up before I came. Messes everywhere, Shades trying to kill me – you’re a pretty disrespectful host.” She glanced over on the pen monster. “What’s your friend called? Pen Point? Nibbles?”

The monster scoffed and held its axe outward. “You may address me as ze Penalizer, my talkative fräulein,” he said in a harsh, clipped Germanic accent. “Und you are about to discover zat ze pen truly is mightier zan ze sword!”

Penalizer got here at her brandishing his axe. Cathy rolled to the aspect to dodge the hit because the monster swung his weapon right into a panel, leaving a deep gouge. Cathy knew that her dagger was too small to match his weapon, so she’d need to rely solely on her Buster. She positioned herself on one knee and shot off a number of rounds earlier than getting up on each ft. Penalizer turned to face her, shifting its axe round to dam a number of the photographs with the top. “Seriously, why did I have to get stuck fighting the lamest monster?” she playfully griped as she repositioned herself. “Purses, typewriters, trash cans – they were all pretty crappy. But a pen? I hope whoever creates these monsters isn’t getting paid that much.”

Nocturna held her hand over her mouth as she pretended to yawn. “Always so glib, Catherine,” she drolly commented. “Don’t you take anything seriously?”

“You don’t know anything about me!” Cathy sharply replied, offended by the insult.

“I know more than you think,” the glowing lady responded with a delicate slyness. “I know so much about you and the other Rangers. I could share that information with you, but it would just be wasted. You’ll be dead soon anyway.”

Cathy disregarded Nocturna’s taunts. Penalizer was the primary menace; she wanted to remain targeted on him. She acquired in one other blast on the monster’s leg earlier than it might block. Penalizer fumed because the tip of his shoulder-mounted pen began to glow with a purple power. He hollered as a stream of black ink ejected from the pen, splashing over Cathy’s arms and her Buster. Cathy was confused by the assault, particularly because it didn’t harm her in any method. She tried to fireside at him once more, however the blaster wouldn’t reply. Confused, she pulled the set off a number of extra occasions. Nothing occurred. She flipped her blaster on its aspect and noticed the issue immediately. The ink was masking the barrel lens, someway stopping it from firing. Cathy gulped nervously. The solely weapon that would assist her on this battle was now ineffective.

Penalizer snickered at her plight. “Not so chatty now, are ve, mein geschwätz?” He lunged at Cathy, putting her within the abdomen together with his axe blade. She moaned in ache from the influence, in search of a gap the place she might get clear from his assaults and clear her Buster. Earlier than she might make a break for it, Nocturna fired two power blasts from her luminous eyes that struck Cathy within the again. She yelled as she was propelled in the direction of Penalizer, who hit her together with his blade once more. She slammed into the again of a photo voltaic array earlier than collapsing to the bottom.

“Oh, you’re in quite a bit of trouble now, Catherine,” Nocturna stated as she drew nearer. “Trouble with a capital ‘T’, and that rhymes with ‘P’, and that stands for ‘pen’.” She let loose a delicate chuckle. “See, I can be funny as well. Though perhaps it would be more appropriate if I had taken General Panzeer’s place. That’s a little inside joke.”

Cathy groaned bitterly, aching throughout. “If you’re going to torture me with showtunes, you can at least get the lyrics right,” she stated, grimacing. One thing about that line troubled her, although. Why did it sound so acquainted?

Nocturna shook her head. “Even when hopelessly outmatched, you still hope your feeble attempts at witty retorts will serve as some form of resistance. Very well, then.” Penalizer rejoined Nocturna, as did the 2 surviving Shades who had been standing by to observe their superiors battle. “Let’s still that tongue of yours for good.” The sinister quartet superior on Cathy, prepared to complete her off.


Jessie had been struggling to carry his personal towards Umbron, however the darkish lord was a extra succesful fighter than he might have anticipated. Each time the Pink Ranger acquired shut sufficient to deal a blow, Umbron was fast to deflect the Sol Dagger together with his personal sword. Jessie tried to teleport behind him, however earlier than he might strike, Umbron rotated and countered as soon as once more. He drew his Corona Buster, solely to have it smacked out of his hand. As Jessie ran for his gun, Umbron swung his sword, releasing a wave of darkish power. Jessie shortly teleported out of its path earlier than it might hit him.

“You have no idea how satisfying this is,” Umbron stated, making it clear he was savoring the struggle. “After watching you and your fellow Rangers meddle in my plans time and time again, I’ve relished the chance to make you suffer by my hand. To make you rue the day you ever decided to oppose me. You may rest on your laurels from past victories against my creations, but they mean nothing.” He unleashed two extra waves, Jessie barely dodging them. “My intellect, my strength, are far superior to that of you and your allies. Superior to that of any human! You cannot win!”

Jessie flipped out of the trail of one other power wave. He was respiration closely, having used his energy greater than normal through the struggle. He’d should keep away from the remainder of Umbron’s assaults on his personal; teleporting once more might depart him drained. “So how long have you been practicing this whole ‘Humanity sucks; I’m greater than all of you’ speech,” Jessie stated, unimpressed together with his foe’s egotistical boasting. “Have you even been paying attention? We’ve taken everything you’ve thrown at us, and we’ve always won. It’s not gonna be any different this time.” He retrieved his Buster and began firing.

Umbron as soon as extra deflected the blasts together with his sword. He shifted his focus from Jessie to a bearded man who was cowering on the bottom because of Bleaklight’s magic. He despatched an power wave instantly at him. Jessie ran to tug him out of the assault’s path, getting struck within the leg earlier than he might get them each clear. He yelled as he fell subsequent to him. The man was unhurt, however nonetheless affected by the dome’s results. “It’s all over,” he moaned, distraught. “We’re all gonna die here. We’re all gonna die…” The different individuals who had been affected have been appearing the identical, expressing woe and misery like a chant that had been drilled into them. Jessie tried to close it out, however the emotions of dread have been turning into too robust. He was starting to really feel the consequences as properly.

I can’t save all of them. I’m alone. My buddies won’t ever make it again right here. I… I can’t go on… NO!” He tried desperately to summon up one other surge of braveness. He needed to hold going. He ran in the direction of Umbron, firing wildly. The darkish lord responded with one other volley of waves. Each fighters took a number of hits, however the injury to Jessie was far larger, ripping aside sections of his go well with to show the circuitry beneath. He was knocked off his ft as the ultimate blast hit him. From the sting of the dome, Bleaklight watched, his lips curled in a merciless smile.

Lord Umbron slowly walked to his struggling foe. “Where is that confidence you had before, Jessie?” he requested, spitefully. “Was it nothing but empty words? Or do you finally understand that I truly am your better? You lack my will, my conviction, my drive to succeed. That is why I will be victorious where my subordinates failed. That is why you and the other Rangers will not survive this day!” He picked Jessie up by the neck and tossed him right into a tree, laughing as he fell to the bottom. Jessie writhed uncomfortably as the various accidents he’d taken started to compound upon each other.

From the surveillance middle at Helios Labs, Mira was distraught. She hadn’t anticipated the problem the Rangers would face to be this extreme. The suggestions from their helmet cameras confirmed the shadow monsters dominating the battles, very important signal readings indicating that every Ranger’s physique was being taxed to its limits. She paced forwards and backwards, hoping she might provide you with some plan, some phrases of recommendation that would assist them. However her thoughts was cluttered by the worry that this was the top. That the 5 loyal staff who had promised to place their lives on the road to guard others, a promise she had requested them to make, have been going to die. And their deaths can be on her. “Please,” she whispered, as if pleading with some unseen drive that would intervene within the battle. “Please let them be safe.”

Oliver seemed in her path, equally apprehensive concerning the staff’s possibilities. He considered providing a small reassurance, however he wasn’t sure they might make it out both. Glancing over at Scott, he observed the youthful man watching the screens intently, with hardly any signal of emotion on his face. He needed to scold Scott for being so callous when his pals have been placing their lives on the road, however held again. Perhaps he simply had a unique approach of expressing feelings. In addition to, beginning an argument now wouldn’t make something higher. All they might do was hope that in the long run, the Rangers would prevail.


Lenzo unleashed one other photo voltaic blast from his magnifying glass, making a blazing semicircle that penned Davis in close to the canyon partitions. The Blue Ranger tried once more to get in a shot, however Baron Corvo intervened, tossing his prime hat out. The hat struck Davis’ hand, making him drop his buster, earlier than it returned to the baron like a boomerang. The warmth from the flames was beginning to get to Davis. He was panting and sweating closely underneath his costume. That they had him trapped, and his Buster was operating low on power; he wanted a approach out.

He put his hand again towards the rocky cliffside floor. A lift in power meant nothing if he couldn’t get shut sufficient to them. Then it got here to him – perhaps he didn’t have to make use of stone fists on Corvo and Lenzo, at the least not but. Touching the wall for a couple of extra seconds, he shortly rotated and began punching at it, grunting in exertion with every blow. The shadow monsters watched, confused at his actions. In a few minute Davis had punched a big boulder unfastened that he held over his head. With all his effort, he heaved it in the direction of his enemies.

“Is this the best you can muster?” Lenzo scoffed. “Very well, then. I don’t mind a little more target practice.” He readied his lens to fireside on the boulder. Davis didn’t waste any time in retrieving his Buster and turning it as much as its highest setting. Earlier than Lenzo might assault, Davis shot on the large stone. The absolutely charged shot shattered it right into a cluster of rocks that rained down upon the monsters. The pair let loose exclamations of ache and shock because the stones pelted them, Corvo making an attempt to swat them away together with his cane whereas Lenzo put his arms as much as block them. “Gah!” Lenzo sputtered. “A nice attempt, but you’ve only prolonged the inevitable. Take this!” He tried to fireside his photo voltaic assault once more, solely this time, the beam scattered out in a number of instructions, leaving scorch marks within the canyon wall and setting some tents on hearth. Davis remained unhurt. Lenzo was stuned. “What?!” He observed one thing within the lens masking his proper eye that he had missed earlier than – a big jagged crack that was shifting upward, becoming a member of different cracks. He seemed down at his arms and noticed most of the different lenses that coated them had additionally been shattered, some with lacking shards. “My… my lenses!”

Lenzo’s consideration was drawn from the damaged glass on his physique by a fierce yell. Davis leaped by means of the flames, fist outstretched, and hit the ghoul proper in his face, knocking him again. He then ran straight in the direction of Lenzo and positioned his Buster, nonetheless at full energy, immediately on the monster’s chest. “Try deflecting this,” Davis said earlier than pulling the set off. With its final burst of power, the Buster unleashed a shot that propelled Lenzo backwards a number of yards

“Baron,” the monster stammered nervously as he received to his ft, “considering our lack of defenses, I would suggest we retreated. I’ll lead the way!” Lenzo dashed off in the direction of the woods, leaving Corvo to himself.

“Get back here and defend me, you coward!” the baron shouted as he danced about to keep away from Davis’ blasts. He noticed it beneath him to battle on his personal, in order a lot as he hated to confess defeat, he would additionally have to abandon this battle. “You have made a powerful enemy today, Ranger,” he menacingly advised Davis, waving the tip of his cane at him. “Remember that.” Corvo spun round and ran after Lenzo. Davis adopted the 2, catching up simply as he noticed Corvo disappear right into a rift a couple of ft from the sting of the campground.

Davis regretted not with the ability to catch them earlier than they escaped, however he nonetheless felt glad figuring out they’d been stopped earlier than the hearth had unfold. Now he simply wanted to contact the lab. “Dr. Patel, everything is clear at the campsite.”

“That’s incredible news, Davis.” Mira was past relieved to study that Davis was protected and that he’d succeeded. “Head back towards the city. When you get closer, I’ll let you know where you’re best needed next.”

“On my way.” Davis hopped again into his automotive and began driving again alongside the dust street. Whereas the campground was nonetheless seen in his rearview mirror, he caught sight of a Cal Hearth aircraft coming in over the canyon to drop dispersant.


Ashley’s lungs felt like they have been able to burst. She had been underwater for no less than two minutes, nonetheless unable to interrupt free from Tanglewing’s bushy bindings. The change in density and strain from the water stored her from flying out since with none strong floor to propel herself from, all she might do was float about. Her throat tightened as she tried to carry on to what little air she had left. Then she felt it – her foot scraping throughout the seabed. She wiggled round barely to decrease herself down till she might contact the ocean flooring. That was all she wanted. Bending her knees, she leaped upwards and broke free from the bay, taking in an enormous breath of air as she breached the bay’s floor.

Tanglewing was shocked to see that his sufferer was nonetheless alive, and much more stunned when he discovered himself lifted off the bridge and dragged via the air. “Put me down at once, child!” he insolently demanded.

Ashley appeared over her shoulder as she soared round, obvious at him. “You want off this ride? Let go!”

“Not a chance!”

“Fine then. I’ll just have to shake you off!” She started flying across the suspension towers of the bridge, smacking the monstrous hen into them as she turned. Tanglewing squaked loudly with every impression. After 4 strikes, his grip started to loosen. Ashley was capable of transfer her arm about extra freely beneath the hair, simply sufficient so she might draw her Sol Dagger. She pulled it free from its holster and ran the blade by way of the hair, slicing it off.

“My luxurious curls!” Tanglewing hollered, virtually hysterical that his valuable hair had been broken.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Let me even them out for you!” Ashley reached over to her left and began chopping by way of it once more. Earlier than she completed, she made positive to fly instantly over Madame Noir. When she’d completed the minimize and freed herself, Tanglewing dropped down immediately onto the darkish woman. Noir hollered in fright earlier than her monster crashed into her, leaving them each moaning on the street. Ashley landed again the place she had dropped her helmet, listening to Oliver’s voice coming by way of on the communicator.

“Ashley. Ashley, come in. How are you holding up? It sounds like things are getting hairy out there.”

“Not really the best choice of words,” Ashley dryly responded, holding her helmet up so everybody on the lab might see her bald head by means of the visor. Oliver and Scott each let loose a shocked “Woah!” whereas Mira uttered a extra restrained “Oh my.” Ashley determined to vary the topic. “It was a bit rough, but I’ve got it under control now. I’ll get back to you in a bit.”

She put her helmet again down simply as Tanglewing was serving to Madame Noir rise up once more. The incensed monsters started their counterattack. Tanglewing opened up its chest cage once more to let extra fowl blasts fly, whereas Noir started to twirl her umbrella above her, the crystals hanging from the information glowing a shiny purple till they launched off. Ashley jumped up and flew beneath the bridge, avoiding each projectile. She got here up from behind them and, spreading her legs, delivered a flying kick that hit each of them of their backs. The monsters have been knocked into an deserted automotive, falling flat towards it.

Ashley landed and grabbed Tanglewing by his shoulder, turning the weakened monster round. There was a deathly critical glare in her eyes. “I don’t have time to play any more games. You and your crazy goth girlfriend are leaving. But not until you give me back my hair!”

“Oh! O-o-of course! Whatever you say, my dear,” the quivering monster replied, frightened for its security. It actually was a hen in additional methods than one. Tanglewing hit her with one other beam from its wig. Ashley’s scalp began to tickle once more as new hairs sprouted, giving her a full head of hair as soon as extra in seconds. “There you go, good as new. I even got rid of those grays you had.”


“Nothing! Nothing! Now I’m afraid I really must fly!” Tanglewing broke free from her grip and scurried to the top of the bridge, operating down the financial institution the place it vanished into the rift.

Noir felt betrayed as she watched her minion flee. How dare he depart her to fend for herself towards this violent commoner! Fuming, she pointed at Ashley together with her parasol. “This is the second time you have humiliated me, Yellow Ranger,” she indignantly said. “I promise you there will not be a third!” With that, Madame Noir ran away, escaping simply as Tanglewing had. With the menace neutralized, Ashley walked again over to the place she’d laid her helmet, put it again on, and headed for her automotive. The disaster on the bridge had been resolved, however there was nonetheless much more to do.


“Any final words before you meet your end, Ranger?” Basic Panzeer requested as he moved the tip of his blade nearer to Jon’s throat. The Silver Ranger stared upwards on the forces surrounding him. Except for Panzeer, Trickshot was pointing his cue down in the direction of his chest as if he was able to drive it by way of. The three Shades had their weapons all educated on him. And Zaram was sending electrical currents forwards and backwards between his claws. If Jon tried to maneuver in any respect, he was lifeless. He couldn’t even see his weapon with the monsters circled round him to deliver it over. He had one concept for how one can get out of this, however there was no assure it might achieve success. Nonetheless, if he was going to go down, he would go down preventing.

“Yeah… I have something to say,” Jon boldly said, not displaying any signal of worry. “Get out of my face!” Jon unleashed an enormous telekinetic blast that despatched all of them six of them flying backwards. Capitalizing on the distraction, Jon leaped up and jumped over a Shade. He noticed his Buster, this time capable of have it fly again to him earlier than he might be interrupted. Cranking up the facility, he gained a long way from the group and began firing.

Trickshot growled as he received again up. “Think you’re pretty smart, dontcha? Well I’m still gonna sweep this match!”

“Come on then. Show me what ya got!” Jon tried to goad the pool-playing monster into attacking to place his subsequent plan into motion.

Trickshot snarled as a ball popped from the rack, adopted by two extra. He tossed every one up into the air and struck them together with his cue, one after the opposite. All three rocketed in the direction of Jon, stopping in midair earlier than they hit him. He was prepared for the assault this time, and knew methods to work it in his favor. He started to spin the balls in a circle in entrance of him. Trickshot sputtered in disbelief. “You… you hustled me!”

Jon nodded confidently, smirking behind his helmet. “I’ve never been that good at juggling, to be honest. I always end up dropping them and making a huge mess.” The balls stopped and earlier than being launched again on the monsters: one heading in the direction of Zaram and Panzeer, one at Trickshot, and the final on the Shades. The last ball produced sufficient of an explosion to destroy the three grunts, whereas the remaining creatures have been simply tossed again even additional by the blasts.

Trickshot picked himself up as soon as extra and rushed Jon, brandishing his cue like a membership. He swung it wildly, making an attempt to strike the Ranger. Jon dodged a number of swings earlier than he grabbed the tip and yanked it out of the monster’s palms. He then held it out in entrance of him and bent it till it cut up. Tossing the damaged halves over his shoulder, Jon pointed his Buster at Trickshot. “This game’s over. And you lost.”

Trickshot bitterly clenched his fist. “Fine! I’m outta here. Next time you won’t be so lucky!” He turned and ran, heading for the rift that may take him again to the darkish dimension.

“Where are you going, you craven whelp?!” Panzeer barked as he noticed Trickshot retreating. “Stop! Halt! I command you to resume your attack!” Trickshot clearly didn’t pay attention as he quickly disappeared into the timber. Panzeer pounded his fist on the bottom in rage. “He will pay for his cowardice when I deal with him next.” Rising to his ft, he turned his consideration to Zaram. “You will not disappoint me, I hope. Eliminate the Silver Ranger now!”

Zaram grumbled and cracked his neck to work out the aches from the explosion. He’d have favored to do the identical as Trickshot and made a break for it, however he knew that if he did, the Basic would give him hell as soon as they received again. His claws sparked as he shot out electrical bursts. Jon flinched as he took some hits, returning hearth at an much more speedy fee.

Jon continued to shoot as he heard Dr. Patel’s voice in his ear. “Cathy, Jessie, Jon, do any of you require assistance? Ashley and Davis are returning to the city. I can send either of them your way.”

“Yeah, a little help would be appreciated,” Jon responded, not dropping his concentrate on Zaram. “Just let me know who’s coming.”

“I’ll be there soon,” got here a solution from Cathy. “Everything’s good on my end. They’re just going to need to send someone to repair the solar panels out here.”

Zaram overheard Jon’s aspect of the dialog and stopped. He’d been informed he was solely going to need to go up towards one Ranger; he wasn’t within the temper to cope with any extra. He ran to Panzeer’s aspect. “Boss, I think we should scram, now.”

“I will not abandon the battle!” the overall adamantly said. “We still outnumber the Silver Ranger. We will be victorious in the end!”

“Yeah, we’ve got the better numbers now, but his friends’ll be coming soon. What’s gonna happen if we have to go up against all of them again?”

Panzeer acknowledged the likelihood that his forces may certainly quickly be outmatched, grinding his metallic tooth in resentment. He had envisioned in the present day to be one among superb victory, and as an alternative, he was fleeing like a rat. “Very well,” he reluctantly stated. “In this situation, a strategic retreat would be best advised. Fall back!”

Jon watched as the 2 monsters bolted for the timber. “Never mind,” he stated. “It’s all good here now. I’m heading out now.” Jon began operating in the direction of the middle of the park. He wanted to get well his Sol Dagger earlier than he might depart and rejoin the others.


Nocturna’s forces had Cathy pinned towards the array. Penalizer and the Shades held their axes aloft, able to deal killing blows. They stood so shut to at least one one other that it will be unattainable for the Gold Ranger to make a break for it with out nonetheless being in vary of their blades. Cathy, nevertheless, had discovered way back that when there’s no path available for you, typically you must make one your self. It was a philosophy that served her nicely in her favourite open world video games, and since acquiring her powers, she might put it into apply in her on a regular basis life. Because the axes fell, she turned intangible and rolled backwards via the array. The axeheads cleaved by way of the panels, virtually splitting by means of it. With a barricade between her and the monsters, Cathy tried to wash her Buster. She had barely began wiping the ink off the lens when the panel was smashed aside from one other blow. Penalizer stepped via the opening he’d simply shaped “Did you really zink it vould be zat easy?” he incredulously requested.

Needing to place extra distance between them, Cathy began operating. Penalizer snickered and launched one other spray of ink that shot out over her head, touchdown on the bottom close to the top of an array. She slipped as she bumped into it, falling to the bottom. Flailing about as she tried to regain her footing, Cathy was frantically considering of how she might get the higher hand. Merely remaining intangible wasn’t an choice; ultimately she’d put on herself out from utilizing the facility they usually’d chop her up. Her gun was ineffective, as was her dagger… wait, perhaps she might use that. Slipping again into the ink, she observed a cable popping out from the top of the array. It was inside her attain, so she stretched her arm out to tug it in the direction of her. She shortly drew her dagger and sliced it open, sparks flying up from the uncovered wiring inside. Sufficient of the array was nonetheless intact to maintain producing energy. She might use this, however her concept would solely repay if the ink was conductive sufficient.

Penalizer slowly strolled over to Cathy, haughtily laughing. The Shades adopted intently behind him. “Have ve no more funny jokes to make, mein liebchen? Perhaps you finally see ze futility in your endeavors. But do not vorry; you vill not be forgotten. After you are dead, I vill take your pretty suit und use it to make ze most glorious golden ink!” Cathy crawled again just a little additional within the puddle, nonetheless holding onto the cable. The three monsters stepped ahead to get nearer to her, their ft now within the ink. “Vell zen,” Penalizer playfully stated as he lifted his axe as soon as extra, “auf wiedersehen.”

Cathy was fast to react. She rolled away from the puddle and tossed the uncovered finish of the cable into it. She was not disenchanted – the electrical present handed via the ink and into the our bodies of the unfortunate monsters standing in it. Penalizer let loose a tormented shriek as he and the Shades convulsed from the shock. Not losing her alternative, Cathy wiped the lens of her Buster on her sleeve till the ink had been cleared off. She charged it up and opened hearth, destroying the Shades and giving Penalizer much more ache. She noticed Nocturna approaching from the aspect, her prolonged hand glowing with dim purple power. Cathy turned and aimed on the glowing being. “Still don’t think I take anything seriously?” she requested, scornfully echoing the sooner insult.

Nocturna appeared the Gold Ranger over. She had watched the Rangers often of their skirmishes, however watching them in motion up shut was much more spectacular. She couldn’t see Cathy’s face behind her helmet, however she might sense the hearth in her spirit. Her drive, her ingenuity, her tenacity – it was no marvel she and her allies have been so troublesome to destroy. Nocturna smirked and lowered her arm, the glow fading. “I’ve seen all I need to. We’ll be going now.” To Cathy’s confusion, Nocturna walked over to the puddle and eliminated the cable. Penalizer, nonetheless shaking, weakly moaned as she took his arm and led him off.

“Hey!” Cathy yelled, retraining her Buster on the pair. “We’re not done here!”

Nocturna appeared over her shoulder as she departed. “You could pursue me if you want, Catherine, but I think that time would be better spent assisting your friends. Believe me, they’ll need as much help as they can get. The choice is yours.”

Cathy let loose a harsh snort. As a lot as she needed to go after them to get any leads on what they or Umbron have been planning subsequent, she couldn’t abandon the others. Not with how dangerous issues have been getting. All she might do was watch as Nocturna and Penalizer made their approach throughout the street and disappeared via the rift on the opposite aspect. With nothing left to do, she went again to her automotive.

“Cathy, Jessie, Jon, do any of you require assistance?” Mira got here via on the helmet’s comm hyperlink. “Ashley and Davis are returning to the city. I can send either of them your way.”

Jon was the primary to reply. “Yeah, a little help would be appreciated. Just let me know who’s coming.”

“I’ll be there soon,” Cathy stated. “Everything’s good on my end. They’re just going to need to send someone to repair the solar panels out here.”

As she was about to open her door, Jon spoke up once more. “Never mind. It’s all good here now. I’m heading out now.”

“So the only one left fighting is Jessie,” Cathy remarked.

“But we haven’t heard anything from him in a while,” Davis talked about, sounding involved. “Jessie, are you all right?”

The Purple Ranger’s frequency remained silent. “He’s not doing well,” Mira stated. “He desperately needs backup.”

“Let him know we’re coming,” Ashley stated. “We’ll get him out of this.”

“It’s going to take some time for all of us to get back to the plaza,” Cathy replied, flipping over her Morphing Band. “I’ll grab a different ride so I don’t waste too much time.”


Jessie was within the worst form of his life. Umbron continued to strike repeatedly, every slash of his sword including to the already searing ache that was coursing by way of his physique. But he did nothing to battle again. His psychological state was simply as broken, overwhelmed by ideas of despair. What was the purpose of happening? The battle would by no means finish. He would lose ultimately. He’d let down everybody he’d sworn to guard. He’d failed his promise to Natalie. He was no hero. He was only a dumb child in a fancy dress who acquired in over his head. There was no purpose to struggle anymore. Umbron’s sword glowed once more as he unleashed yet one more power wave, putting Jessie within the face and shattering the correct aspect of his visor. Howling in anguish, the he dropped to his knees, shaking.

Umbron stood over Jessie, grinning sadistically. “How utterly pathetic. I truly thought there might have been something to back up that bluster of yours. I have no idea what she sees in you.” He kicked Jessie within the chest, inflicting the Ranger to clutch his ribs. “Now you finally understand that crossing me was a fool’s game. And now… I will end your worthless existence.”

Umbron gripped his sword in each arms and commenced to boost it up over the Purple Ranger’s head. Jessie continued quivering, the sense of hopelessness at its worst. He might hear the opposite Rangers and Dr. Patel making an attempt to talk to him via the comm hyperlink, however he didn’t hassle to reply. Their coming wouldn’t imply something in addition to delaying the inevitable. It was over.

“Get up, Jessie!” a brand new voice shouted in his ear. He acknowledged it immediately, regardless that he hadn’t heard it in months. Natalie?! He didn’t see her anyplace within the plaza. How might he; she was lifeless. However she was nonetheless chatting with him, rallying him on. “You can’t let this maniac win, Jessie. You’ve never given up on anything in your life. You are stronger than him, and you can beat him. You, Davis, Ashley, Cathy, Jon – you’re all that’s standing between him and hell on earth. Don’t give up. I know you can do it…”

Jessie didn’t know if that was Natalie’s spirit chatting with him, or if it was simply his unconscious making an attempt to encourage him. Both approach, he didn’t care – it was precisely what he wanted to listen to. His confidence got here surging again, driving out the darkish emotions that had been weighing him down. He appeared up because the sword started to fall and reached out, grabbing Umbron’s wrists together with his arms.

Umbron was surprised. “What?!”

Jessie rose to his ft, nonetheless holding onto his adversary’s arms. “You can’t put me down that easily,” he said, a righteous resolve in his voice. “I made a promise to someone I love that I would do whatever it takes to stop you from hurting anyone else. And I am not going to break that promise!”

“This… this can’t be possible,” Umbron stammered, worry starting to crack by way of his beforehand unshakable demeanor. “The dome is still exerting its power. You should be nothing but an empty shell by now!”

“It’s been so long since you were human, you forgot how strong our spirits can be.” Jessie declared. “You can only push us so far,” he tightened his maintain on Umbron’s wrists, “before we push back!” With lightning velocity, Jessie pulled his proper hand away and punched Umbron sq. within the chin. The darkish lord, not ready for this sudden comeback, recoiled in shock. Jessie didn’t waste a second, pulling out his Buster and hitting his enemy from level clean vary time and again. Umbron staggered again with every blast, ultimately dropping his sword because the drive of the hits started to take their toll.

Bleaklight turned troubled by his grasp’s plight. “My lord! I will come to your aid!” He dashed to Umbron’s aspect utilizing his intense velocity. Jessie noticed the blur coming and began capturing on the floor in entrance of it. A couple of of the blasts managed to journey Bleaklight up, inflicting the glass monster to stumble and fall on his face, dropping his grip on his scythe. Jessie ran over earlier than Bleaklight might retrieve his weapon, grabbed the scythe, and turned it the wrong way up. With a heavy thrust he drove the heel into the bottom, smashing the sunshine that was hooked up to it.

Virtually immediately the darkish dome overhead started to dissipate. It pale ranging from the highest and shifting downward across the space, permitting mild to shine by means of as soon as once more. Umbron appeared on the disappearing barrier with a hateful glare, then picked up his sword and retreated for the rift, disappearing into it. Peering out by means of the portal, he noticed Bleaklight making an attempt to wrestle the scythe out of Jessie’s arms. “Our excursion did not proceed as I had intended, therefore it would be best if I tipped the scales back in our favor.” He sword crackled with purple power that flew by means of the rift, surrounding Bleaklight. Jessie launched his grip from the jolt and watched because the monster started to develop into an enormous.

“You may have done away with my dark light,” Bleaklight proclaimed as he appeared down at Jessie, “but I’m casting a much deadlier shadow now!”

Jessie seemed round on the civilians who have been recovering from the consequences of the dome. “Everyone get out of here!” he ordered them. They didn’t want a lot motivation to maneuver. The plaza was cleared inside seconds. Jessie hit the sign to summon his Zord. He barely had time to activate it earlier than he needed to leap out of the trail of Bleaklight’s large scythe because the blade got here down on him. The monster ready for a second strike, however was distracted by a barrage of missiles to its face. He turned and noticed Ashley and Jon’s Zords flying in from the space.

“Figured you could use some backup with the big guns,” Ashley informed Jessie. “We’ve been worried about you.”

“I’ve been better,” Jessie replied, “but I think things are looking up now.” He noticed his Zord racing down the road in the direction of his location, adopted by Davis and Cathy’s. He triggered the tractor beam to enter the cockpit. “Let’s break some glass.”

Bleaklight continued flailing its scythe on the aerial mechs till they have been drawn in the direction of the others, merging collectively to type their Megazords. Bleaklight growled on the sight of the machines. The lights on his pauldrons glowed as soon as extra earlier than firing out beams of purple power, one at every machine. The Apollo Megazord blocked the blast with its pressure area, whereas the Hercules Megazord used its pincer as a defend. The mecha started advancing on the monster when the skies abruptly turned pitch black. Thunder roared and large gusts of wind blew as a brand new rift appeared within the sky above the plaza. The Rangers all knew what was coming.

A Steam Colossus fell via the rift, crushing a number of timber, outside tables, and a big portion of a stone bench beneath its weight because it landed. “Of course it couldn’t be easy,” Cathy groused.

“Is it ever anymore?” Jon dryly replied. The duo started firing on the Colossus from their Zord’s gattling gun and laser rifle. The steam-powered robotic returned hearth with a number of rounds from its arm cannons. Each side took hits, with stray photographs damaging a number of the outlets lining the streets.

Whereas Jon and Cathy have been preoccupied with their goal, the staff piloting the Apollo Megazord targeted on Bleaklight. The Megazord swung its sword on the monster, solely to have him dart away with its unimaginable velocity. Bleaklight started racing across the mecha, putting with its scythe each time it circled round, sparks capturing out from the broken wiring. Each hit rattled the Rangers of their cockpits. “He’s too fast to lock on to!” Davis stated.

“Then we have to slow him down,” Jessie responded. “Ashley, try a clothesline!” The Yellow Ranger adopted via by extending the Megazord’s arms. As Bleaklight got here round for an additional move, he ran straight into the left arm, hitting it with a loud “oof!” The Megazord then spun round to seize the dazed monster, grabbed it, and tossed it into the Steam Colossus.

“Yeah!” Davis cheered. “Now to make sure he won’t run away again.” He activated the stasis area, freezing each Bleaklight and the Colossus inside it. The Apollo Megazord’s sword charged up because the Hercules Megazord began energizing its weapons. The Megazords struck collectively, the mixed impression destroying each of their titanic foes directly.

Jessie slapped his dashboard triumphantly. “Lights out! We did it.” Then, overwhelmed by the pressure he’d endured from the battle, he slumped again in his chair, weakly. “Oh man… I didn’t think we would make it.” He was fortunate he had one thing to relaxation in or he most certainly would have handed out on the spot.

Again in Umbron’s fort, the darkish lord was not happy with how the day’s occasions had gone. He sat on a black marble throne in the primary corridor because the 4 monsters who had been dispatched together with his elite forces stood meekly earlier than him. “And would any of you care to explain why you abandoned your battles when you had not been ordered to?!” he demanded, the tough tone in his voice suggesting he was able to go ballistic.

Lenzo was the one one who dared to talk. “Well, um, my lord, we didn’t wish to disobey your commands, but the Rangers proved to be, well… stronger than we had anticipated. If we hadn’t fled, we most likely would have lost.” Umbron’s glared on the glass monster, inflicting him to whimper.

“I did not run away like zese frightened children!” Penalizer protested, “I vas ordered to-” Umbron was not within the temper to listen to any excuses. He stood up from his throne and fired an power wave on the monsters, all of them screaming as they have been obliterated. His larger rating servants, standing within the again, watched the scene, each horrified as their grasp’s show of rage, and aid that that they had been spared.

Umbron returned to his seat, searching on the others. “Leave me be,” he commanded. “I desire solitude to formulate the next plan of attack. Now!” The shadow creatures weren’t going to make his angle any worse. All of them turned and left, Baron Corvo and Madame Noir murmuring about how fortunate that they had been to keep away from his wrath.

Zaram was virtually on his method out the door when he felt a chilly metallic grip on his shoulder. “Where do you think you are going?” Common Panzeer requested, sounding virtually offended.

“Back to bed,” Zaram flatly answered. “I’m still aching from that fight in the park. I’m gonna hit the hay.”

“I think you are mistaken in your short term goals. You performance in combat was subpar, and you were the one to suggest retreat. Clearly, a stronger training regimen is required to bring you up to shape. I will see you in the combat room immediately.” He tightened his grip. “Do not think of ignoring me.” Panzeer walked previous him, headed for the coaching room. Zaram sighed and adopted after. He would by no means catch a break.

Nocturna had gone out to the balcony, gazing out on the void surrounding them. She thought again on how exhilarating her encounter with the Gold Ranger had been, not only for the prospect to see her struggle, however to easily be free from this realm and stroll within the human world. She eagerly anticipated when the subsequent alternative to return there would current itself.


Although the Rangers had been by means of lots up to now few hours, they couldn’t relaxation simply but. Dr. Patel had requested them to return again to the lab for an emergency assembly. Sitting within the convention room all of them nursed their wounds, groaning and aching as they tried to alleviate any lingering ache. Most of their accidents have been coated by their clothes, although Jessie had a number of seen cuts to his face and Ashley had some bruising round her wrists the place Tanglewing had sure her. Mira entered the room, a comforted expression on her face. Davis didn’t comment on it, however he observed some extremely seen wrinkles round her eyes, as if she had been crying. Oliver got here in after her, carrying a pill.

“I apologize for taking up your time,” Mira stated, making an attempt to carry again the feelings that have been welling up inside her, “but I needed to let you all know how happy I am that you’re all safe. I was so afraid that, that…” she sniffled, tears beginning to type once more.

“It’s okay, Dr. Patel,” Jon stated, making an attempt to calm her. “We know what you mean. You don’t need to worry anymore. It was tough, but we pulled through in the end.”

Mira wiped her eyes with the again of her hand. “I’m sorry. It was worse for you actually being there than it was for me to watch it. That is another reason I asked you here.” She began to regain her composure. “Our enemies are not going to stop escalating their attacks. We cannot risk being unprepared if Lord Umbron launches another offensive on this scale. Our only option is to implement a contingency plan.”

Oliver put his pill down on the desk in clear view of all of the Rangers. Wanting on the display, they noticed a picture of what seemed like a big, mechanical black lion shifting right into a humanoid type and again once more. “A new Megazord?” Cathy requested.

“Exactly,” Oliver stated. “And with it, a new Ranger to pilot it. Bio Labs is currently constructing the Zord. Once it’s complete, we’ll be evaluating applicants to determine who is most qualified to join the team.”

“We’ll go into more detail as we near completion,” Mira added. “Right now, all of you need medical attention. There are EMTs waiting in the parking lot to assess your injuries.”

“You should go first, Jessie,” Ashley insisted. “You look like you took it worst out there.”

“Nah, I’m fine, really,” Jessie tried to brush off her considerations. “It’s just a few scratches, I’ll be-” he tried to complete his sentence, however as he acquired out of his chair the ache in his aspect and legs turned too overwhelming and he dropped to his knee, clutching his stomach. “Nghh… okay, maybe you’re right.” Oliver helped Jessie get on his ft and walked him out of the convention room, the Purple Ranger placing his arm over the person’s shoulder for help.

The different Rangers exited quickly after, Mira remaining behind to debate the Megazord’s development with a Bio Labs consultant. “So how do you guys feel about bringing a sixth Ranger in?” Jon requested.

“Sounds good to me,” Ashley answered. “After what we went through today, we could really use the extra help if things get that rough again.”

“I agree,” Cathy chimed in. “I heard from Oliver about how bad it got for you. He said that monster you fought snatched you bald.”

Jon and Davis joined in laughing with Cathy whereas Ashley shook her head groaning. “No, no, no. You are too white to make that joke.”

Cathy was about to reply when Scott intercepted them within the corridor. “Hey, do you guys mind if I ask you something quick?”

“We’re kind of busy right now, Scott,” Jon stated, making an attempt to be well mannered. “Can it wait for later.”

“It’ll be quick, I promise,” he stated, by no means remorseful about how pushy he was being. “I was thinking about what that Lord Umbron guy said. And, I know you probably don’t want to hear me saying this, but… I think he was right about some of the things he said. We really have screwed things up socially and politically, and we’re in desperate need of reform. Maybe he’s got some ideas we could benefit from.”

The Rangers weren’t impressed by Scott’s sudden protection of the entity who needed them lifeless not lower than an hour in the past. “So what are you suggesting?” Cathy flatly requested. “We just let him run wild and become the next Hitler or Stalin because he might have a few good ideas?”

“You’re overreacting,” Scott turned defensive. “I’m just thinking that it might not hurt to see if we can talk with him, try to reach an understanding. Come to common ground.”

Ashley, fed up, received in Scott’s face and put her finger as much as his chest. “You listen to me, Scott, we almost died today. Lots of people almost died today. You really think Umbron cares about us or anyone else? He is a monster, and you cannot negotiate with monsters. My grandparents didn’t sit down and talk with the creeps who were burning crosses on their lawn to scare them out of their home to try and find ‘common ground’ – they fought back. And we’re going to do the same. Now get out of our way, and next time, think before you say something stupid!”

“All right, all right! I’m sorry!” Scott threw up his palms in frustration. “I get it. I was wrong.” Ashley stormed off, adopted by the others. Davis checked out him and shook his head disapprovingly earlier than leaving. Scott headed down the corridor, grumbling to himself. “Some people just can’t be reasoned with…”

As Jessie was escorted to the primary doorways by Oliver to be examined, he heard Natalie’s voice calling to him once more. “I knew you could do it.” He seemed to the aspect and for a second, noticed her standing there, wanting as lovely and vibrant as she all the time had. He blinked, and she or he was gone. One other ghost pale into the ether. He walked out the door together with his head down and a sullen look, excited about how he would have given something for it to her to actually be there.

Finish of Chapter 11

That includes the voices of:
Eric Bauza as Jessie Yamada
Khary Payton as Davis Morgan
Kimberly Brooks as Ashley Morgan
Jennifer Hale as Cathy Crawford
Ben Diskin as Jon Hoffman/Scott Gray
Indira Varma as Dr. Mira Patel
Phil Morris as Lord Umbron/Oliver Sharpe
Steve Blum as Baron Corvo
Kath Soucie as Madame Noir
Corey Burton as Basic Panzeer
Gray DeLisle-Griffin as Nocturna/Natalie Davenport
Josh Keaton as Zaram
Curtis Arnott as Bleaklight
Lawrence Simpson as Lenzo
Martin Billany as Tanglewing
Scott Frerichs as Trickshot
Nick Landis as Penalizer/Bearded Man